Energy Savings in a Bottle: 7 Powerful Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

Most people may have concerns about the commitment to the use of Spray foam insulation and probably its cost, but when its advantages are considered, one will definitely consider it. Spray foam insulation is environmentally friendly and also contributes to energy efficiency in the home. Spray foam is also suitable for both old and modern homes, other benefits include the following:

More Powerful Than Many Other Types of Insulators

The expansive nature of Spray foam allows it to deliver more power of insulation. It will tightly seal all crannies and nooks that other form of insulators might leave exposed. The Resistance value or ability to provide an air-tight seal after the application is rated as R-6, which makes it one of the highest-ranked insulations available today. You can click here to learn more about the power of Spray foam insulation when compared to other types of insulations.

It Creates a Moisture Barrier

Air and moisture can enter through holes and cracks in the walls of your home to cause damages. With your spray foam, you can create a barrier that is impermeable to water and air. This means that the spray foam will seal off your walls against those air moistures and leaks thus protecting the attic and crawl spaces. Moisture and air barrier of many insulators are quite weak, unlike what you obtain from Spray Foam Insulation.

In addition to building walls, it can also be applied to seal off roofs and other places where condensation happen frequently. Accumulation of moisture can result in mold growth and weaker structures. With spray foam, a powerful bond will be created with the roof, and that will strengthen resistance to wind.

It Prevents Mold Growth

Mold growth comes with a number of health problems, even its sight can be very embarrassing on the walls. Mold growth can trigger a number of respiratory infections, especially respiratory allergies.  The Spray foam is not just water and moisture resistant, it comes with an inactive polymer that will starve mold of food and moisture thus killing them off, after application. Homes that are insulated with Spray Foams have closed-cell insulation against mildew and bold, thus enhancing the overall health of the household.

Lasts Longer than Other Insulations

The fact that Spray foam lasts longer than other insulators means that it will save you money in the long run. The substance comprises of inert polymer substances that guarantee its infinite life span. You can use a Spray foam for several decades before you consider re-insulating your home. The insulator does not lose its powers.  The Insulator can perform excellently well for over 20 years; hence you will get more value for your investment.

It has been confirmed that almost 40% of heat in homes are lost to air filtration especially when air flows through the gaps, cracks, and holes, in the HVAC systems. This will force heating appliances to release more heat than necessary, in other to meet up with creating comfort in homes.

Losing heat through cracks and air spaces will not only contribute to higher costs of energy, but it can also lead to your heating appliances over-working. Loss of heat from appliances can reduce lifespan and even increase costs of repairs and maintenance services.

It is Eco-friendly

One of the most unique features of Spray foam is that it is 100% Eco-friendly. It does not release chemical substances that can badly affect your environment, and it does not contribute to the depletion of the Ozone layer of the atmosphere. It reduces energy consumption through insulation, thus contributing to a green household. The Insulation is made from high-quality bio-degradable materials, even the bottle can be recycled.

The bottles can be collected and stored for proper disposal and recycling companies can easily re-use them. Though you need to wear some hand gloves, this material does not cause any chemical attack on your body, you may want to get the help of an expert to help you spray the foam effectively all over your home or office.

Zero Maintenance Costs

One of the reasons why Spray foam is cost-effective is because it does not require any repair, replacement or maintenance servicing. Unlike most insulators that will require constant inspection, repairs, and replacements, Spray Foam can be applied on the go without any reason to worry about its efficiency. With zero maintenance comes convenience. The bottle is easy to open and close and the fact that the spray expands even means you will have to use less spray content.

Reduces the Costs of Utilities

Saving on costs of energy, especially through insulation is desired by all homeowners. Due to the fact that spray foam is 100% effective and reliable insulator, homeowners and business owners have been able to save on costs of heating their homes. The spray foam is able to seal your home to conserve energy; hence you will need shorter heating times to heat your home or office.

It is believed that the Spray foam can save you up to 50% on costs of heating your home or office. The closest energy-saving insulation method can only save you up to 30% in energy costs.

In conclusion, Spray foam is believed to out-perform other types of insulation for homes and commercial enterprises because it expands and covers more area as it fills up those holes and crevices that might be left exposed for a very long time. With the highest Resistance Value for any insulator, Spray foam is definitely the most-rated insulator in the world today.

If you consider the amount you will spend on getting Spray Foam to what you will invest in other insulators, you will definitely want to go for the Spray Foam. The Spray foam is not just for insulation, you can use it to reduce external sounds, especially when you reside near please with huge vehicular movements. There are so many reasons you should consider investing in spray foam insulation, it is economical, long-term insulation to protect your home.

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