Embracing the new normal: How to boost work efficiency with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Several businesses have opted to adopt and implement the work-from-home set up to continue their operations even while the pandemic is ongoing. Shifting office and work responsibilities to a remote and online-based environment required a dramatic adjustment on the part of both employers and employees. That said, the demand for online messaging and work collaboration software such as those made possible by MS Teams providers surged in no time.

MS Teams, or better known as Microsoft Teams, is a platform designed for enabling seamless communication and collaboration among employees. It works well with startups, mid-sized enterprises, and even large corporations. What makes it a significant tool to have now that the world has shifted into a new normal way of life is its all-in-one features.

Microsoft Teams supports text or chat, video conference, and voice calls. It gives businesses different options for how they want to keep in touch with their staff and ensure that all tasks and projects are well-managed and aptly executed. The platform is available in two versions: Paid and Free.

The free version of MS Teams alone provides helpful features that make work-from-home less stressful. It focuses mainly on team collaboration, primarily because it grants registered users with online access to the most typically used Microsoft Office tools. Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Word are all free to be used by teams using Microsoft’s collaborative software.

Each individual is also granted with up to 2GB worth of cloud storage, thus facilitating a safe, easy, and hassle-free method of storing and sharing important work files. The free version also comes with one-on-one video-based calls and conferences for different business groups.

On the other hand, the paid version has three different packages available. The Office 365 Business Essentials allows larger storage of up to 1TB per individual. It also gives users the capability to record each team meeting and schedule conferences ahead of time. Businesses only need to pay $5.00 monthly to upgrade their accounts to this type of paid MS Teams account.

Office 365 Business Standard, which is charged at $12.00 monthly, includes additional applications to boost work efficiency. These apps include MileIQ, Bookings, and Invoicing.

Office 365 Premium enables a broader selection for managing and supporting different devices for big and small teams. It also boasts more innovative protection features for user privacy and security. Its rate starts at $20.00 per month.

All the paid versions of MS Teams are more stringent in terms of protecting users. For instance, all users are required to complete a multi-factor authentication before signing in to their accounts. In this manner, the possibility of hackers or outsiders breaching into private work discussions and meetings is lessened.

There are other similar platforms to MS Teams that businesses can try to continue their operations and maintain open communication with their workforce. However, they must make it a point to review each communication and team collaboration software carefully. It would be ideal to check online reviews and user ratings to verify the legitimacy of the platform that they wish to use.

There is no telling whether MS Teams providers will still be on high demand in the coming years. Who knows, maybe working-from-home will soon be the norm in preserving the efficiency and teamwork among all companies. Whatever the future holds, staying ahead of the times is the best way to combat unprecedented changes in the economy and the industry.

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