e-PR Inc: The creation of an automated PR service


A great entrepreneur knows a business opportunity when they see one, and their inspiration often comes from personal experience. Yury Mosha, CEO of e-PR Inc, was able to do this successfully with his company. E-PR is an online platform that helps connect clients interested in digital advertising with media websites on which the client can advertise on.

Yury Mosha
CEO, Yury Mosha

Yury immigrated from Russia, which inspired him to create his own immigration business, Second Passport, or Vtoroipasport in Russian. He started picking up speed in his company, and he realized that the best way to further promote the business would be to generate PR. He sought out these services on his own by personally reaching out to media platforms and getting their rates, as well as understanding what services they offer for advertising. This process was very tedious, as it takes a long time to get in contact with the right person, and then further communications to get pricing. More so, it is even more difficult to understand the offers when one does not have a solid understanding of this industry.

So, Yury realized that there was a demand here which was not being met and that people such as himself would greatly benefit from a service which simplified this process for the client and did the work for them. The idea for the platform, e-PR, is to create one place where clients can browse all the available media sites at once. Customers will be able to browse websites based on various key factors which are important to them, such as geography, demographics, topics, appearance on Google News, pricing, and more.

The only thing the client will need to do is create an account, browse through publications which they are interested in, submit content through the platform, and get their advertisement published. Based on the client’s request, e-PR can even create content for the client that will fit the theme of their message. E-PR also can be greatly involved in the process, or not at all, also depending on the client’s wishes. If a customer chooses to go through with this more independently, the platform is set up in a way that will allow the customer to have this independence by only using the online services offered.

In the future, e-PR plans to expand its media base to an international platform, by having publications from Europe, China, and other regions in the world to create a global project. Currently, they are based in the United States and are focusing on North America. With the expansion of the project, the company plans to become the Amazon of PR services, by being fully online in a mainly brick-and-mortar industry. This business model is more convenient now than ever before, due to COVID-19 and clients not being able to frequent shops and go to offices for business meetings. Now, e-PR is able to meet the expectations of its clients with an online platform, which their team monitors on a daily basis.

For more information about e-PR Inc, visit their website.

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