Cosara Private Limited: 1st and only Indian company to develop Covid19 Test Kit

Covid19 Test Kit

Ahmedabad based molecular diagnostic company Cosara Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd, becomes first and only Indian start-up to manufacture RTPCR COVID-19 test kits.

It received licence from Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO).

It is a joint venture between Core Diagnostics Inc and Ambalal Sarabhai Enterprises Limited.

Mohal Sarabhai, Director of CoSara, said, “Presently, there are 52 government-approved testing facilities and delivering the kits to those is the first target, in addition to pursuing 60 accredited private labs to conduct COVID-19 tests. Overall, our target market will be private as well as government labs.”

The kit was originally designed by co-diagnostics, the first US-based company to receive a CE marked for a COVID-19 diagnostics.

Dwight Egan, CEO of Co-Diagnostics stated, “The high-quality tests built on the patented CoPrimer technology will have a positive impact on what is projected to be the largest healthcare market in the world. Co-Diagnostics is honoured that our joint venture has achieved such a significant milestone.”

The company is expected to sell these kits in the Indian market and also export to surrounding regions.

This test uses nasopharyngeal, oropharyngeal swab and serum samples to detect Coronavirus using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) machine.

Although health officials here and abroad are working to track and contain the growing epidemic, still no drug has been developed by scientists which can cure this deadly Coronavirus. Research work is still in progress.

By the time a patient gets to know about his disease, he/she may have 50% fibrosis and its too late.

At this point of time this test kit by Cosara Diagnostics private Ltd. may prove as a boon to the world.

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