Companies join hands in India’s fight against COVID-19

Companies join hands against COVID-19

With the coronavirus cases seeing a massive increase each day, the entire country has been struggling to keep up and stay safely in their homes.

However, several companies have come in and decided to join hands in the fight against COVID-19. Whether it be a consumer goods company or a cigarette joint, no one is at the back foot when it comes to fighting this life-threatening virus.

For battling against the oxygen shortage in the country, Delhivery, Tata Group, ITC, and several others are doing their best.

IFFCO, UPL, and even a few smaller companies have made announcements for augmenting fresh oxygen supplies amidst the crisis that has dawned upon India.

ITC in its tie-up with Linde India will air freight cryogenic ISO containers from several Asian countries. It is also airlifting containers of oxygen to distribute in areas near Bhadrachalam.

Linda along with Tata Group has been able to secure 24 cryogenic containers to East India, which now has surplus oxygen and is helping north India as well. Delhivery is flying charter planes to China to be able to get oxygen and other essential supplies to India.

Sequoia Capital has also mentioned that they’ve got a few leads for oxygen concentrators through their employees in China during their scout. Many plants are using their facilities for the production of oxygen.