Communication is key: Tips for coordinating with entities outside of your new company

Coordinating With Entities Outside of Your New Company

When launching a new business, an important part of the process is connecting with various entities. These may be individuals, organizations, government, the public, or other companies. Coordinating your company activities with local officials and prospective clients can build bridges to position your business favourably with the public. Effective communication is vital in these endeavours. The following tips can help to represent your company clearly and professionally.

Plan Ahead

When meetings are scheduled with important people to discuss your company, prepare in advance. Research the topic or put your company information in order. Arrange your notes for easy reference if needed. Create an impression of confidence and experience by knowing what you want to say and the best way to say it. Consider taking resources with you as an iPad or laptop and connectors for them to be accessed if necessary.

Know Your Audience

Browse the websites and social media pages of people you plan to talk to. Get to know them generally for an idea of their personality and interests. When meeting with attorneys, check their website for the types of firms they represent that are similar to yours. Knowing something about prospective clients will let you tailor your presentation or meeting toward their preferred communication style or areas of interest. For example, a sports enthusiast might appreciate your using a sports metaphor in discussing your projected company growth.

Consult Communication Experts

If you don’t have the time to research online sources for communication information, look into consulting with a public affairs firm to coach you for meetings of consequence. In some cases, they may be able to represent your company through marketing strategies.

Communication professionals have experience dealing with many kinds of people in the public sector and in the business world. They can advise you on how to showcase your company’s strengths and demonstrate a confident attitude. You can also learn what not to do to avoid making a faux pas that could lead to a negative outcome.

Be Positive and Respectful

Talk to everyone involved with your company in a polite way. Refrain from giving undue criticism or being rude if your company or promotional tactics are questioned. Maintain an upbeat outlook and willingly retrieve additional information if needed for a decision-making process. A professional communication style will make you and your company memorable in a good way. However, being late, discourteous, or ill-informed will have the opposite effect.

Quality communication is one of the top abilities noticed and valued by professionals. Polish your style to avoid slang, use correct grammar, and offer helpful information that others can use.

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