Cheapest ways to move long distance

move long distance

The cost of relocation is one of the most significant factors when deciding to move or not. It can be a tough decision, but you must do your research before making any decisions. In this article, we have compiled a list of what we believe are the cheapest ways to relocate long distance.

1. Book your long distance moving company in advance

The best way to save money on a move is by booking it in advance. And an advice for moving long distance is you can contact a moving company and ask for an estimate of the cost, then use this information when you’re ready to book your move. Several benefits to booking early will help make things easier:

-You will know what to expect when it comes to your move.
-You won’t have any hidden or additional costs that you weren’t expecting.
-Your moving company will know the best time for them to book their staff and vehicles in advance, which can reduce the cost of logistics.

Booking early also opens up more options as it is easier for the moving company like Jordan River moving & storage to invest more time in understanding your move, reducing the cost of planning.

2. Choose to move during off-peak seasons instead of moving in summer

Moving in summer is expensive because it’s peak season for long distance moves. Moving during the off-peak season will help you save a lot of money and make things like packing much easier! Why? Because fewer people are moving at this time meaningless competition on storage facilities or rental trucks.

It’s also worth looking at whether there are any college students or people on holiday in your area. Many of them will be packing up and leaving for the summer, which can open up some great storage opportunities!

3. Pack your belongings instead of hiring moving labor

Packing your belongings is a great way to save money on the cost of moving. Especially if you are planning to move in summer when it’s the peak season for long-distance moves, this can be a good option as more people will be looking for packing labor than usual.

We recommend that you start by packing up everything in your living area, then work on the kitchen and bedrooms next. This will help reduce costs because you will be able to reuse boxes for many items rather than buying new ones every time.

4. Get free moving boxes which will help you save money

Another way to cut costs when it comes to moving is by collecting free boxes. Check with your local recycling centers and food stores for any discarded cardboard boxes because these can make excellent long distance move packing supplies! Many companies give out free moving boxes, but you will have to be careful about their condition.

5. Borrow packing supplies before you move

Before you move, it’s worth contacting a few of your friends or family members to borrow any packing supplies if they have them. This can include boxes, bubble wrap, or shrink-wrap – anything that will help save money on the cost of moving. Also, borrow any tools you might need, such as a screwdriver or hammer.

6. Pack your belongings smart and efficiently for a successful moving day

Packing smart and efficiently is a great way to save money on the cost of moving because it will reduce the amount of time that your movers are needed. We recommend packing up everything in smaller boxes to be carried more quickly, then labeling them with both their destination location and room number for easy unpacking later. It would help if you also packed up some of your smaller items in bags or suitcases to reduce the amount to be put into larger boxes.

7. Take your belongings and drive to your new home

Another way to save money on your move is by driving a car or truck filled with some of your belongings. This will allow you to avoid paying for storage and both vehicles when it comes time to transport everything. You can also split the costs between friends, family members, or even co-workers! Driving will also save you money because it will reduce the cost of renting all of that heavy equipment.

8. Hold a garage sale

Another way to save money on your long distance move is by holding a garage sale. This can be an excellent way of getting rid of old household goods and raising some extra cash simultaneously! Make sure you’re not selling anything too heavy, though – it’s better if people come into your home for these sales.

If you want to make more money with a garage sale, there are many ways to do this: advertising locally through flyers or social media will help draw in traffic from surrounding areas; making user-specific signs that let people know what they’ll find inside before entering (e.g., “Books only!”); pricing items lower than their potential value, so they sell quickly.

9. Rent a moving truck

If you have many items that are hard to pack or don’t fit into boxes, then driving your own vehicle may not be the best option. In this case, it’s worth considering renting an 18-wheeler moving truck instead! This will allow you to save money on any additional labor expenses.

If you have many items, it’s worth estimating the amount that will fit in your truck and adding on enough so you are not left with an unexpected bill. Remember to pack everything neatly and securely before loading, as this will help keep costs down.

To save even more money when renting a truck, ask if they offer discounts for long distance moves. You may also want to consider asking them about fuel surcharges – some companies charge extra per mile if the rental is going into another state.

10. Rent a portable moving container

Another great way to save money on the cost of your long distance move is by renting a portable moving container. These containers are affordable and can be delivered right to you, saving you any excess mileage charges that would otherwise arise for movers to transport them.

There are many benefits when it comes time to unload these containers: they’re designed so there’s extra room around the doorways, which means less damage; they have furniture protection panels fitted on all sides, and most importantly – they come with locks (rather than just being open like regular storage units).

If you choose this option, we recommend looking at some reviews because not all companies will offer the same quality or features.


Saving money on your long distance move can seem like an impossible feat, but there are many ways to make the process more affordable. The best way is by hiring a moving company for everything – this will save you time and stress and give you peace of mind knowing that all of your items are in good hands! To avoid hidden fees or surprises, be sure to ask about fuel surcharges (some companies charge extra if the rental is going into another state) and how they handle storage before signing any contracts. During the packing process, you should also have someone who knows what might need fragile handling or precautions taken against damage, so nothing gets broken along the way. Finally, one of the best ways to save money on your long distance move is by having a garage sale. This will help you get rid of old household goods and create some extra cash simultaneously!