Business need a boost? Here’s 5 solutions to consider

starting a new business

Whether you are starting a new business or looking for ways to give it a boost, there are several resources you can tap to get your business going. Here are some options to try that don’t require much time, effort, or money.

Contact Local Business Associations

Check with your region’s Business Development Agency or similar office for professional help in growing your business. Many agencies of this type offer advice, consulting support, training resources, and grants or low-cost loans. Find out what’s available in your area that could be just what your company needs.

Join Community Civic Organizations

Civic groups like the Kiwanis, Lion’s Club, and Rotary include business professionals in their membership. By joining, you can establish a more visible presence and contribute to worthwhile community projects and initiatives. Many people are likely to have extensive experience that may be helpful to you, for example, in areas like marketing, public relations, or customer service.

Find a Mentor

If you prefer working with someone on an individual basis, look for a mentor in your business industry or sector. This could be a local person with whom you can meet to have lunch and share information. Or it could be an online expert who is willing to videoconference or connect you to blogs, vlogs, and other online resources of his or her authorship or sponsorship, or someone that can be vouched for.

Consult Social Media

Use your business image on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to spread the word about your company. You can join Linked in to meet other professionals with similar goals and concerns. Connecting to those who may be interested or who can help to answer your questions is a convenient way to find help and support from home.

Network with Colleagues

Think about the people with whom you do business and occasionally socialize. Some of them have probably faced the same challenges and goals as you. Invite them to lunch or go golfing and ask their advice. You might be surprised to find they have valuable experience that can give your company the boost it needs. You can also contact long-distance colleagues online or participate in discussion forums with other business owners to learn from their insight.

Resources like these are easy to tap and can offer a treasure of ideas and suggestions. Take advantage of these easy ways to learn from others who can help you along the path to success.

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