Bookthisbook: Recreating the magic of book at an affordable prices


Reading is a hobby which helps in stimulating one’s brain cells and paving way for imagination to cultivate. In today’s world, the habit of avid reading is slowly reducing because of lack of time or increasing prices of the books.

To combat this particular problem, three avid readers, Rushit, Heerak and Jignesh, have come up with a brilliant idea to encourage readers to avail this initiative and develop on the habit of reading. Their initiative is called bookthisbook which allows the user to rent books at reasonable prices for reading. This start-up is an online book rental platform which is currently operational in Mumbai.

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The sole purpose of starting this online platform was to help the readers and hobbyists in the country find some solace in books. Bookthisbook allows them to choose from a diverse range of books which they want to delve in for whatever reason- fiction reading, self-improvement, personality development etc. The people availing this service are provided with a catalogue which has a vast range of books and the website ensure fast and reliable delivery and pick-up. Apart from letting the hobbyists get a chance to avail the newest books, they also help newer authors promote their books among the Indian masses.

Currently, this start-up is based out of Mumbai and caters to all genres- fiction, non-fiction, management, cookery, religion, astrology, history, children etc. The idea of renting a book is appealing to the readers as it saves a lot of money which they’d have to spend on buying the book otherwise. The idea is also a major hit with the Mumbaikars as they save time because they don’t have to go a library or a bookshop since bookthisbook delivers and collects the books from their doorstep.

To know more about the website and the renting procedure, visit

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