Are you an entrepreneur, technician or manager?


Wondering how to be an entrepreneur? This video uncovered just what it means to be an entrepreneur and how to start a business if it turns out you’re not one. Now we’re breaking it down for you Epipheo-style!

You are amazing at your job. And so one day you had an epiphany: Why am I working for some dude who I don’t even like that much when I could start my own business? Congratulations–you’re ready to be an entrepreneur!

Hold it right there muchacho – starting a business doesn’t actually make you an entrepreneur. And like many so-called entrepreneurs, you’ll soon find yourself working 15-hour days. You’ll be hiring the wrong people and getting frustrated trying to manage them. And you won’t know how to fix the systems that make a great business grow. Suddenly you’ll realize you didn’t create a business – you just created yourself a new job, and this new job kinda sucks.

Are you an entrepreneur, technician or manager? Let us know in the comments!

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