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Books have always been a man’s best friend and have been a constant source of knowledge and entertainment, sometimes all in one. When you are really upset for some reason, a few chapters from your book are always the best way to fix your mood up. Even in the age of Kindle and book reading apps, the charm of books is never lost.

However, most books usually are highly-priced, and it becomes difficult to be able to read every book that you like without breaking a bank.

If you are looking for some original books of great quality without burning a hole in your pockets, look no further than 99bookscart.com.

Started by Shivjyoti Mahantesh, 99bookscart has a wide variety of books, and the best part is that all their books are priced at just Rs. 99. So, you can make yourself a library, and still be able to buy some more books.

What’s more? Well, 99bookscart also gives you the option to sell old books and make room for new ones. Create your own store through 99bookscart and sell the books you have already read and want to share it with others.

Just create a login as a seller with your email id, when that is done, all you need to do is to upload the details of your books, a couple of pictures of it as well as the genre it is from. This way, you can increase the chances of being contacted by the potential buyers’. The more you upload, the chances of these books being sold increase. You can join the gang of over 1250 booksellers.

99bookscart.com offers free shipping as well on orders above Rs. 499. Moreover, the online book shopping site also offers FREE replacement and FREE return on books. For your ease while leaving a book in the middle, they even offer a FREE bookmark on every order.

They have a wide collection of genres right from Children’s Classics, Action & Thriller, Young Adult, Fantasy, Literature and Fiction, Young Adult, Non-Fiction, Classics to bestsellers.

Their Children’s Classics include books right from Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood to the new-gen Peppa Pig. If you’re in the mood for some Classic, go ahead and read the Paradise Lost or get lost in Charles Dickens’ masterpiece, Martin Chuzzlewit.

Until now, 99bookscart.com has served more than 14000 readers and has sold over 3000 novels. They provide a 100 percent quality guarantee ensuring that all their customers have the best experience while enjoying reading there.

Go and add some of your favourite books in your cart, because reading and owning a book has become affordable now.

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