8 stress busters that will help entrepreneurs in dealing with distress

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An entrepreneur’s life is more stressful than it appears it to be. When a person is leading a team and simultaneously co-ordinating with VCs and stakeholders and taking risks, one can only imagine how much pressure an entrepreneur is under. Long working hours and lack of proper lifestyle could add to the stress and lead to serious health problems.

Hence, an entrepreneur needs stress busters to help him deal with all the stress he encounters:

1. Learn to manage your time

This might seem like a chore on the list of an entrepreneur but a lot of them actually fail to follow this basic step.

Keeping a list will put lesser pressure on your brain to remember things and also help you to prioritize the million tasks you need to do in a day.

2. Hydrate

All decisions aren’t made sitting in a chair; many of them are made in meetings and while running around the office. To accomplish all tasks and keep yourself rejuvenated and relieved from stress, you need to maintain a healthy intake of water. Water cleans toxins and keeps you refreshed for the rest of the day.

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3. Sleep

Working 20 out of 24 hours might seem like a feasible idea but it will definitely take a toll on your health and also your performance because lack of sleep causes some serious attention issues. Also, a good night’s sleep is important to keep you fresh and before sleeping, make it a point to clear all office hassles from your mind.

4. Delegate stuff

It is not necessary for you to do everything all at once. The smaller and less important tasks can be delegated to the team. This helps reduce the stress of work and leaves you with more free time to focus on the more important stuff.

5. Eat healthy

DO NOT skip meals because not having enough food will result in burnout very soon due to the amount of stress you’re under. Also, food is a good stress buster because a full stomach leads to a healthy mind. If possible, include herbs and supplements like coconut oil or omega3 oils in your meal for extra energy.

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6. Meditate

You can afford to take out five minutes in a day to meditate. Meditation has some serious benefits as it helps you clear your mind of all negative thoughts and stresses in a few minutes. Deep breathing exercises should also be practiced for anger management and if you have more time, try Yoga which has amazing de-stressing benefits.

7. Take breaks

We don’t mean the breaks that you take to eat food or go to the washroom. After an hour or two of staring at computer screen, one needs to give their eyes some rest. Get out of the air conditioned room and breathe in some fresh air and go for a short walk. You are bound to come back from your walk with a mind clear of stress and pressures which will help you do your work better.

8. Identify your hobby

It is always good to take a break from office duties when they start seeming more like a chore than anything else. Try and identify your hobby- cooking, painting, writing, playing an instrument or something else and practice it for half an hour a day. You will be amazed by the results you achieve when you do something you like and taking time off will help you focus better.

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