7 easy ways to become a people’s person

It is very important for an entrepreneur to be a people’s person because on a daily basis, he needs to interact with a wide range of people like investors, shareholders, employees, potential business clients, potential customers etc. This might seem like a compelling task if you aren’t a very outgoing person in general.

Here are 7 ways in which you can become a people’s person:

i. Don’t hesitate to communicate

You might be shy person by nature who doesn’t open up to people easily, but, if you don’t communicate with people, you’ll never be able to build relations with them. Start with a basic introduction and move on to topics you are comfortable with. You will find that the conversation will progress smoothly in no time. All you need to do is take initiative.

ii. Master fake enthusiasm

It is very likely that you might not be slightly interested in what the other person is talking about; but, because he’s a potential investor, you can’t really shut him up. In such situations, master the art of faking enthusiasm. Pretend to be interested and ask a few relevant questions regarding the discussion. It’ll make them feel good about themselves and you will be more liked as a person.

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iii. Don’t converse in standard responses

If all you can manage to say in a conversation is yes or no, no one will be interested in talking or interacting with you. Try to come up with witty answers or relevant discussions which invite the other person to speak. Interacting in more personalised responses opens up avenues for further discussions.

iv. Loosen up a little

If three people are conversing and two are cracking harmless jokes about you, don’t be offended and walk away. Instead, accept those comments with a pinch of salt and laugh at yourself if you have no comebacks. This will make those people appreciate your sense of humour and eventually they’ll get tired of taking your case when your stop reacting.

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v. Social media is your ally

The greatest social media platform, Facebook, was created by a shy guy named Mark Zuckerberg. If you’re not very comfortable with interacting with people face to face, you can turn to social media for help. Stalk people on LinkedIn and Facebook to find out more about them in order to initiate a conversation. If that doesn’t help, converse with them via social media platforms which are perceived to be quite credible today. Also, comment and like their posts regularly for a more-friendly approach.

vi. Make others feel important and special

People who have truly mastered the art of communication know that it is important to leave people feeling better than when you found them. You can do this by giving them chances to talk about themselves or simply taking interest in their interests. This will be a great boost to your personality as you don’t have to talk much but because you let the other person talk; s/he might feel better about talking with you.

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vii. Mind your tone

If you have a genuinely brash tone and a resting angry face, you need to work on those because no one likes to interact with unpleasant people. Unknowingly, some things you say might seem condescending or hurtful to the other person and result in bitter relations. It’s more about how you say something rather than what you say. Hence, try adopting a smiling face and a pleasant tone to interact amicably.

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