6 Prime tips to consider when choosing a freight shipping company

choosing a freight shipping company

The U.S. freight shipping industry totaled $1.48 trillion in 2015. Freight shipping is an essential aspect of international trade and the global economy. Everything we use, including food, clothes, and electronics, is transported through a cargo shipping company. Managing transportation can be a complicated and overwhelming task. That’s why it is crucial to outsourcing logistics works to a freight shipping company. However, you do not want everyone managing your cargo. You should only use the best freight services that will understand your requirements.

Below are great tips that every business must consider when choosing a suitable freight shipping company and move internationally without any hassle.


When it comes to choosing a freight forwarding company, the experience is one of the most important factors to consider. It will determine how the freight forwarding company will deal with common shipping issues such as customs, cargo routes, and warehousing. An experienced freight forwarder will handle these issues and ensure cargo transportation is seamless in this ever changing industry. A reputable and well-established company in the industry is a good sign that it offers reliable and trustworthy services. Also, consider their specialization and field of expertise. You may find a specialty that you have been looking for.

Customer Services

You should choose a freight forwarder that provides excellent customer services. The company should be open to communication anytime you want to make inquiries. Also, they should alert you if there are delays or any other issues that you should be aware of. A company’s communication with customers is the first signal on the kind of customer experience to expect. A reliable shipping company will respond on time whether you are enquiring about general consultancy or a free quote .

Certification, Licensing, and Registration

This is, perhaps, the most crucial consideration. When sourcing for freight services, ask to see the certifications and credentials of the company. The credentials will help you make informed decisions whether the freight forwarder is in a position to handle your cargo according to security and training requirements. You should also go ahead and ask for a list of references. A reference list characterized by unsolicited praise shows that the company has expertise and experience to offer international shipping services.

Safety Records

During transit, your cargo will be in the hands of long-standing companies that are established in the industry and have reliable procedures and vessels. However, it is shrewd to ask your cargo moving company who they will use to ship your items. Have their ships had any safety problems? If you want to send a parcel safely to UK from Singapore, you must visit their website to check the safety certification and value in regards to transporting your goods.

Range of Services

Before choosing a freight service company, ensure that they offer all freight services that you need. Some of these services include insurance, tracking inland transportation, custom clearance, and inventory management. When doing your due diligence, ensure you familiarize yourself with the services that your freight forwarder provides. These services should be in line with your needs. Besides, the company should guide you through freight forwarding documentation.

Overall Price

Some rogue cargo shipping companies may provide ocean freight prices only to add additional charges later. These additional fees may significantly increase the total cost. Ask about the overall price and hidden charges. It is imperative that you also ask for a breakdown of the overall price. Also, compare the prices of different companies to ensure that you get the best deal.

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