5 Ways You Can Utilize Push to Talk Technology in Your Organization

Push to Talk Technology

Push to talk is a versatile technology that allows businesses to stay in contact. Push to talk services has similar features for personal and professional use. Once connected to a land mobile service, workers can stay in contact through a variety of conditions.

5. An All In One Solution

Providers like Peak Push To Talk handle the technology as an all in one solution. Push to talk is more than just a quick way to send voice over short and long distances. The build quality of supported devices can withstand more punishment than the average walkie talkie. Optional case protection provides an even stiffer build, and all without making the buttons hard to push. The sound is clear and crisp, even in heavily populated settings.

4. A Familiar Interface

Any worker that has used a walkie talkie will become familiar with a push to talk in minutes. It has a similar interface with easy to understand features. Companies can save valuable training time by switching to push to talk as an upgrade. An intuitive interface has all of the bells and whistles without being too complicated for an average user. In high stress work situations, familiarity is an important feature.

3. Increased Productivity

Over 200 workers can stay in contact using push to talk services. Without any interference or ‘out of range’ problems, the service pays for itself in a short amount of time. Push to talk is not a distraction like other communication services. Unlike texting and internet communication, push to talk allows for true multitasking. With every minute counting in some projects, this is a game changer for many organizations.

2. One-Handed Operation

One-handed operation feeds into the idea that push to talk is perfect for multitasking. Every important feature associated with technology can be accessed without distracting workers. This prevents accidents and common distractions when operating heavy machinery. Workers that are in vulnerable positions through the workday can still communicate without putting themselves in danger. Enhanced button placement takes positioning into account, using a design that conforms with the latest industry standards.

1. Enhanced Team Management Features

Large groups of workers can communicate in real time. When using team management features, team leaders can instruct workers on various tasks throughout the workday. Sharing location data and providing updates is an important feature for leaders that want to follow their workers progress. For dispatch leaders, team management features ensure that there are no weak points in the work schedule. Private channels allow dispatch workers to communicate with team leaders throughout the day. Any special instructions needed can be carried out without interruption.

Wrap Up

Instant contact with an active talk group has never been easier. PTT takes all of the advantages of wireless communication and puts it in a rugged, ready to roll professional package. Walkie talkies have their place, but push to talk is creating its own network of fans.

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