5 Ways to make your electronics business more eco-friendly

make your electronics business more eco-friendly

Buying and selling electronics is relevant in the new age of smartphones, tablets and laptops. Everyone needs at least one of these electronics to function in modern society. The electronics business has the added responsibility of ensuring that their electronics are handled wisely. Review the following 5 tips to increase the eco-friendly state of your business.

Conserve Electricity in the Building

Your customers may want to test out the electronics before they buy them. This is the type of business that uses significant amounts of electricity during operational hours. Use different methods of conserving electricity in the building, such as the use of outlets that automatically turn off appliances when not in use.

Buy and Sell Refurbished Electronics

Instead of buying only brand-new electronics, look for used and refurbished electronics that work like brand new. Some products are made of recycled metals that look no different than new metals. Test each electronic for full functionality before putting it on the shelf. No buyer of a phone, computer or stereo wants a refurbished product that malfunctions often.

Link to a Local Recycling Program

Electronics should be recycled like paper, glass, plastics and metals. When you have electronics that no longer work or cannot be repaired, avoid immediately discarding them in the trash. Since different types of metal exist, you can find separate programs for each type, such as steel, aluminum or copper recycling.

Network With Other Eco-Friendly Businesses

Every business has a network of other businesses to which it’s connected. Look for other eco-friendly business partners to buy and trade products with. Promote local and national companies that are active in conserving electricity and saving the environment.

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Cut Down on Paper Advertising

Paper advertising consists of print ads, brochures, catalogs and business cards that can all be eliminated. Rely on online yellow pages and business directories to make your presence known. Nowadays, business professionals are relying less on paper advertising and discovering that online ads are just as or more effective. In addition, encourage word-of-mouth marketing, which requires no formal advertising at all, by rewarding customers who refer others to your company.

People buy, sell and discard electronics all the time; however, this business doesn’t have to be wasteful. There are ways to run an electronic business while using minimal power, recycling unused products and conserving as much electricity as possible. Determine the strategies you need to improve your efficient business practices.