5 Tips for small business event planning

Tips for small business event planning

When planning a small business event, you need to consider every detail because your company is not large enough to absorb expensive mistakes or missteps. The pressure of planning a successful business event may feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. Here are five tips to help with your small business event planning that streamline the entire process and make it a stress-free event.

Make a detailed plan

The lack of a clear plan can make any event planning stressful. When people are randomly doing things and making decisions, details get overlooked, and we make mistakes. The first thing you need to do is sit down and create a detailed plan for the entire event. Your plan should include a timeline leading up to the event, a rough outline of the event itself, and everything you will need for the event. The more decisions and details you can clarify early, the easier it will be to carry out the planning. Creating a detailed plan doesn’t mean things can’t change along the way. Having a plan provides a clear blueprint of what you want, so you can make adjustments as needed.

Create lists

After you create your plan, start making lists of what your team needs to accomplish leading up to the event. For example, you may have a list of places and vendors you need to call to get quotes. You may have a list of decorations and supplies that will need to be purchased. You may have a list of marketing and advertising activities along with a deadline. With each list, you need to delegate that task to an individual and determine the deadline for each job. As the organizer of the event, it will be your responsibility to stay in contact with each person working on a list item to ensure they accomplish it by the pre-determined deadline.

Think outside of the box

Some of the best events are the ones that take guests outside of the norm. Anyone can plan a banquet at a banquet hall and serve chicken. You can create a memorable experience by hosting a pig roast on the beach or a food rave in a warehouse. You can find warehouse space for rent anywhere throughout the country. Warehouses provide large open spaces with an industrial feel that you can alter into anything you want. While many warehouse rentals expect long-term contracts, Warehouse Spaces real estate company can help you find a warehouse rental that suits your needs. You can amaze guests with an impressive and fun event in a non-traditional space.

Go overboard on the details

Connecting the little details will make a significant impact. For example, favors should relate to the theme, as well as the decor, and even the food selection. A logo on a napkin may seem like a detail that most will overlook, but when all the details come together, guests will be amazed by your commitment to a cohesive theme, which will reflect well on your small business. Renting a warehouse space may look nondescript and industrial from the outside, so you want guests to be blown away the second they walk through the doors.

Dress for success

As the coordinator of the event, you want people to walk in and know you are essential by merely looking at you. Dressing for success isn’t just about looking professional— you want to look both professional and memorable. White House Black Market sells an array of high-end women’s fashion that will make you the focal point of the room. You can find a pair of pants, a jacket, dress, or blouse for women that will coordinate with the theme of your event. When you dress with confidence, the people you meet will see that in you and treat you with that same level of confidence.