5 Signs that entrepreneurship is not your cup of tea

Do you want to become an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurship is like that drug which is wanted by everyone but only few have what it really takes to get it. If you’re thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, STOP!

Before you dive into water, you must check the temperature. Before you actually become an entrepreneur, you must know if it is right for you. While you would have read many articles that try to inspire you, this article will present the real picture in front of you. Here are 5 signs that entrepreneurship is not your cup of tea.

1. You look upon others for ideas

If that brilliant startup idea has come from what your friend is doing, there are high chances that the idea will fail when it would be implemented by you. Unless you have a way to make that idea better or in other words to make it unique, you must decide to stay away from it.

2. You don’t like to help people

Entrepreneurship isn’t about starting a business, it is about solving a problem. And you would want to solve a problem only if you like to help people. If you’re a person who just wants a business to buy a big penthouse like Bruce Wayne in Batman or anything expensive, entrepreneurship isn’t for you. Most likely, you’re going to fail. So, don’t try until you develop the feeling of wanting to help others.

3. You aren’t passionate

Maybe you have the most brilliant idea in the world which you know would work but if that idea doesn’t make you excited, restless and nervous, you’re not going to make a fortune with that idea. You must be passionate about what you plan to do. If you’re not, you would never be successful.

4. You are proud of yourself

Starting up a business takes more than an idea. Right attitude is super important. An entrepreneur needs to play different roles and needs to make sure that he/she plays each role perfectly. If you’re too proud to sweep the floor to make space for your first meeting, entrepreneurship isn’t your cup of tea.

5. You can’t handle a team

A business idea would never work unless the people working on it are under a good leadership. A good leader and obviously a good manager is what you need to bring out from yourself to make your idea work. If you think you lack with leadership and management skills, go work on some job and get the experience. Don’t think of entrepreneurship unless you have those skills.

Entrepreneurship is sort of buzzword these days. Everyone wants to be entrepreneur but seldom know what entrepreneurship really means and what it takes to be an entrepreneur. So, do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

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This article was originally published in Startup Champ

Image Credit: startupconnect.co.in