5 Pet business trends to watch out for in 2021

Pet business trends

As per the 2019-2020 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, pets are an integral member of 67% of U.S. households, nearly 84.9 million homes. The report also forecasts that the expenditure on pets will reach $109.6 billion in 2021, which was $103.6 billion in 2020. Based on these statistics, the pet market provides a huge opportunity for business owners to succeed.

Pet business is a very profitable enterprise and is on a steady upward trend. But to grow your pet business, you’ll have to bring a unique skill to the table along with your love for the animals.

Now, if you are thinking of getting into this expansive market, here are five industry trends that’ll drive your growth.

1.  Pet Supply Store

Pet business trendsA pet supply store is a one-stop shop for pet owners. It is a lucrative business idea that provides anything and everything that pet owners might need. It includes pet foods, toys, fish tanks, clothing, and other pet-related services.

A pet supply store provides supplies and gears for all kinds of pets. It provides convenience for pet owners, too as they can find quality products in one place.

A pet supply store can be a successful pursuit, provided that you identify and serve a niche market. By focusing on a targeted pet species, your pet supply store can find loyal customers and grow exponentially.

You can set up your store from scratch or become a retailer with pet stores, which provide the most innovative pet supplies.

2.  Pet Food Store

Pet business trendsWith the increasing demand for a protein-rich diet for pets, the pet food industry is likely to expand through 2027. Pet owners are increasingly searching for healthier and natural food options for their pets. As a result, they are willing to shell out money to provide their pets with nutritional and organic food and treats.

You can open a pet food store that focuses on treats to improve the mental and physical strength of the pets. In addition, the store can provide all-natural products with organic ingredients.

If you love baking, you can even specialize in simple recipes to make pet treats and biscuits yourself. Make sure you read the state’s regulations before starting a pet food business.

3.  Mobile Pet Grooming

Pet business trendsPet grooming is a necessity for pet owners and a great business idea for you to think about. However, unlike traditional pet grooming services, you can take grooming services right outside the pet owner’s door.

Be it bathing, clipping, or cleaning. Mobile pet grooming provides a wide range of services that fits the pet owner’s schedule. Providing grooming services right at the doorstep means that the pet no longer needs to wait for his turn. It also provides convenience to older people since they don’t have to move around with their pets.

Limit your pet grooming services to a particular pet type if you are just starting. Then, you can slowly build on this experience, develop a specialty technique, or expand your services to a full range of pets. You can also consider selling pet grooming products, such as shampoos, Dog Dematters and clippers, along with grooming services.

4.  Pet Photography

There is a huge demand for pet photography, especially dog portraits. Pet owners consider pets as a part of their family and love to immortalize their fluffy friends.

As a pet photographer, you can offer your services to pet owners on special occasions, cover pet shows, or use pet portraits for brand advertising.

But photographing a pet often tests your patience and abilities. Since their actions are unpredictable, you should have enough skills and tricks to attract the pet’s attention and minimize its movements.

You’ll have to establish a unique photography style to grow your business and stand out from other photographers. One way to market your business is by posting exotic photos on social networks.

5.  Pet Sitter and Walker

Pet business trendsPet sitting and walking is another high-demand high-pay business venture. It is a business idea without much investment and resources.

Pet owners often don’t like to leave their pets at home when they are out on vacation. But they are also unable to take their pets with them. In such situations, they look out for pet sitting services. Pet sitting is a universal need for pet owners to be a stress-free while away on a trip.

Pet sitting services may stretch from a few hours to as long as a week. It is also one of those businesses that rely on trust and word-of-mouth. You can start by providing pet sitting and walking services in your neighborhood and slowly carve a name for yourself.

With time, you can build on your business by working out packages that include basic sitting services to complete pet care.


In the pet business, as in any other business, you’ll have to identify a niche to differentiate and market the brand yourself in a unique way.

Prioritizing pet owner’s satisfaction and caring for their pets will establish loyal customers. These customers provide you with recurring purchases and also spread your business. In addition, offering quality services and establishing a rapport with your community members will make your pet business stand out.