5 Initial signs of start-up failure you need to be aware of

Initial signs of start-up failure you need to be aware of

Every successful business starts with a simple idea around which a lot of hard work and dedication is invested. Nobody wants their start-up to end up as a failure. However, to make sure that your venture doesn’t meet its doom, there are a few symptoms you need to look out for:

I. Not paying heed to the market

Your product might be a great and unique idea but if it isn’t solving any problem of the people you are looking to cater to, it might meet its doom very early. Market research is necessary to find out whether your product will have demand and buyers. Thus, by doing simple research, you can avoid making a huge initial blunder.

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II. Monetary issues

Handling finances in a proper manner is an art. Many a times, start-ups receive adequate funding but do not invest it in the correct way which can prove to be harmful for the company. Hence, it is necessary to spend in the right places and curb expenses in the initial phase in order to keep pumping money back into your start-up for a steady growth.

III. Incorrect hiring

Entrepreneurship isn’t a one man show which is why you need to have a great team. Unless your team members’ views and values are in resonance with those of your company, you can never be a successful start-up. Hiring the right kind of people is very important because they are the representatives of your company and that can either break or make your image.

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IV. Not keeping tabs on competition

It is good to be confident and focus on yourself; however, it doesn’t mean that you become absolutely clueless about your competition. If a competitor can offer similar quality products at a lower price, you will be out of the game in no time. Hence, you need to know your strengths and keep playing up to them but at the same time know your competitors’ weaknesses and try changing them into opportunities.

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V. Correct pricing

Pricing your product/service sensibly is very crucial as a very low price could be perceived as an indication for bad quality. Similarly, a very high price would make your customers go for the competitor which would result in very low sales. Thus, it is necessary to price your offering just right at which people are willing to purchase them in order to maintain healthy sales and a good image in the market.

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