5 Café Must-Haves for Customer Satisfaction

Café Must-Haves for Customer Satisfaction

People visit cafes for myriad reasons. Some need a quick cuppa. Others want to meet up with friends. Still, others like to get some work done in a place that’s not their office. The savvy coffee shop owner who can appeal to lots of different kinds of guests is the coffee shop owner who has satisfied and loyal customers. If you’d like to create more customer satisfaction, then think about employing the following five tips.

Give Them Space to Socialize

While many people go to the local coffee shop to pick up a drink or a snack on the go, many people see the local coffee shop as a second living room. That is, they love to meet up with friends to catch up. Make your cafe as comfortable and as inviting to people who like to socialize. This encourages them to come back again and again, which ultimately helps your bottom line.

Offer Menu Options Beyond Snacks

Many coffee houses serve snacks, like banana bread or muffins. These are excellent options if you’d like to encourage upsells. However, if you want to draw in a crowd, consider adding some simple lunch options, like sandwiches. This gives you organic ways to attract customers who may not otherwise come into your shop.

Create a VIP Program

People love the coffee shop experience, and the smart cafe owner strives to send a little of that experience home with her customers. One way to do that is to start a VIP program that allows customers to get goodies after a certain number of purchases. Most coffee shops have a punchcard system that allows people to get a free drink after 10 or so purchases.

However, there is no rule that says the VIP goodies have to be free drinks. If you’d like to start a VIP program and you’d like to do something different, then think about offering something like a 2 lb bag of whole bean Colombian coffee (or other coffee du jour). It’s even better if it’s branded so your regulars think of you when they’re using it at home between visits to your shop.

Appeal to the Digital Nomad

More and more people work from home or are embracing the digital nomad experience. You can tap into this market by making your space comfortable for people who want to work there. For example, ensure there are outlets where people can charge their electronics. Having consistent and free WiFi is also a must-have. The sacrifices you make to ensure this is a comfortable space will pay dividends in good reviews of Yelp and plenty of repeat customers.

Employ Friendly Staff People

This should go without saying, but your staff should be friendly and kind to your cafe guests. If a guest ever feels like they’re a burden to the staff, then chances are good that that customer will go someplace else for their daily java.

In these days of the digital nomad and work-from-home arrangements, the local coffee shop has an important role to play in the community. It’s a place where people can meet, grab a meal and find a home away from home. It’s an opportunity for cafe owners like you to really increase their bottom line. As such, anything you can do to increase your customers’ satisfaction should be job one.

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