4 Types of marketing that seem obsolete but aren’t

Marketing techniques for startups

With today’s world of advertising focusing more and more on digital options such as Facebook and mobile devices, you may be thinking this is the only path your marketing options should take from now on. However, that’s not the case at all. In fact, along with the use of various technologies, there are still many different types of marketing that are old-school, yet are still very effective in helping your business grow. Rather than pass up some easy ways to get your business noticed by customers, here are four types of marketing that seem obsolete but are still quite viable.

Business Cards

Perhaps the most tried and true marketing method there is, business cards still have a valuable place in the modern corporate climate. From giving them to neighbors and friends, putting a few up on local community bulletin boards, or leaving a few laying around on tables in doctor’s offices and other establishments, business cards are very affordable and still a great way to get your name in front of potential customers.

Donating Prizes

If you have a local school or organization holding a charity auction, donating products from your business will be a fantastic way to get your name and that of your business in front of many people who live in and around your community. Since events of this type may be publicized on linear TV, you’ll earn a great reputation while setting the stage for tremendous business growth.

Radio Commercials

If you think hardly anybody tunes in to their local radio stations anymore, you are wrong. Like local TV stations, a community radio station still attracts thousands of listeners at any given time. Since radio advertising is generally less expensive than television commercials, it may be something to consider. Like television ads, you can get very creative with a radio commercial, so think about giving it a try.

Trade Shows

Offering a chance to showcase your business and its products or services, trade shows are still very effective ways to get known within your industry. All of this, coupled with the chance to network with other people in your industry and check out your competition, can have your trip to a trade show pay off now and in the years ahead.

By choosing to combine some of these more traditional marketing methods with today’s state-of-the-art digital methods, you may find your business is getting many more customers than you ever imagined.