4 Steps to Building Your Online Presence

Improving Your Online Reputation

In the modern age, having a good online presence is incredibly important. Not only does it allow customers and clients to easily find you, it means you can interact with customers, promote new services or products to huge audiences at a low cost and constantly keep your followers updated. If you are just starting a business, or are looking to refresh your website and online marketing options, then here are just four steps to help you build your online presence.

Have a well-designed website

Your website is the place where many of your potential customers and clients will interact with your business for the first time, and first impressions are vital. Having a well-designed website that is up to date, eye-catching, easy to use and navigate, and has working links will keep people on the site for longer and hopefully cause them to return. The aesthetics of your website should appeal to your target audience and showcase your services or products in an informative way. Using a web design company like Bluelinemedia.co.uk will allow you to have assistance and support for the entire process, from the initial designs to follow-ups, and they are the experts who know what makes a great website, so you will be in safe hands.

Write engaging copy

Copy and website content needs to be relevant and informative without being too overwhelming. People often do not have much time and are looking for answers quickly and concisely, so the information on your website needs to provide this. Furthermore, your copy should include SEO keywords and phrases to make sure your site appears on the first page of SERPs. This will increase organic traffic to your site, which should, in turn, increase your customer base.

Use your social media platforms

Social media is an incredibly useful tool when it comes to online marketing. Not only is it very low cost, if not completely free, but it also allows you to reach a huge number of people with just one post. Gone are the days of printing and posting brochures and flyers, putting them through every door, and hoping for a response. Online marketing is now much more targeted to those who want to receive it, saving you time, money, and resources. Social media lets you interact with customers, and they can also help your marketing efforts by liking, sharing, and engaging with your posts.

Attend virtual tradeshows

Online tradeshows are a great way to get your business out there, network with potential clients and see what other companies are up to, all from the comfort of your screen. Using your existing online presence to ensure that people know you will be attending a virtual tradeshow will help drum up support and keep your followers updated as to what happens on the day. You will be able to demonstrate products and services, inform audiences and also provide links to your other sites and platforms, connecting with potential customers and creating lasting business relationships.