4 Products that can be made with recovered plastic

recycling plastic

Plastic is a commonly used material when you make, package and ship, even store some of your belongings. Recycling has been a hot topic of conversation for a very long time, and plastic is among the most common discussions in this regard. Here are four of the many products that companies can make with recycled plastic.


Shoes are a part of our everyday lives. People wear them when they work, when they play, and when they are taking long walks or jogs. People like their shoes to be sturdy and long-lasting, and plastic is one of the most reliable materials for such a goal. A lot of times, we find our shoes are made with glue and Styrofoam, which looks nice, but Styrofoam and regular cheap cloth are easily torn apart by water from the rain, or too many scrapes on the concrete when people walk. By using recovered plastic to build your footwear out of you are ensuring a longer-lasting, more comfortable experience for your consumer.


Every day, people go out in public for many reasons. A lot of people carry around handbags if they are going to be out for extended periods of time, to help carry a lot of the little things they might need while they are out. Oftentimes, the bags are made of cheap leather or thin cloth, causing them to fall apart quicker. However, some are made from hard plastic, and they are naturally lighter and more sturdy, with better durability for all the consumers’ things.


When families are able to spend time together at home, they often like to have a movie or game night while sitting on their comfortable loveseat or couch. However, those pesky stains from that salsa or juice can be extremely annoying and hard to get out. But you can promise your customers a sturdy, stain-resistant, extra comfortable experience by selling cushions and pillows woven out of recycled Polymer and materials of the like.

Clothes and Apparel

It is essential, in general, for people to shop for clothing that is appropriate for what they are doing, whether it’s work, play, or just hanging out. The same reusable cloth that is used to make furniture, footwear, and handbags can also be used to weave comfortable tops, belts, pants, and other items of everyday clothing. Companies can buy textiles from places like bionicyarn.com that source their plastic from trash recovered from the ocean.

Using recovered plastic helps protect ecosystems all around the globe, taking out harmful plastics from the oceans and re-using the material responsibly. Companies looking to be more green in their production should seriously consider this source of plastic both to appeal to a more earth-conscious consumer base and to be more responsible in their production line.