4 Network security tools you should be using

cyber security for startups

Did you know that you can expect a network security attack to cost your business around $200,000? Even worse, the same data showed that small businesses are particularly susceptible and unprepared for security problems.

Thankfully, you have many network security tools to try that can help you find holes in your system as well as put preventative measures in place easily. You also have ways to plan to restore your system in case an attack does happen.

Take a look at four cybersecurity tools that can help your startup.

Antivirus Software

If somebody gets into your network, they can potentially spread viruses and malware that interrupt your business and corrupt your data. So, having antivirus software installed on all network-connected devices is a must.

Available for phones, tablets, and computers, antivirus applications will run scans 24/7, alert you if anything gets found, and block harmful programs. Many even check email for potential scams and malicious files and alert you about system security updates.

Some antivirus programs have an option to make private cloud backups of important data and allow you to restore data a virus has damaged.

Vulnerability Scanner

To prevent intruders from getting into your network, you should know what security holes your network potentially has. A vulnerability scanner comes in handy as it will analyze your network and equipment to warn you about potential issues and offer some solutions.

For example, these scanners can inform you about dangerous software bugs and holes in data security that can allow a hacker to steal your company’s information. They can also let you know about risky services and open ports that you should turn off or close.

Network and Application Firewalls

If you want a great way to block a hacker from getting access in the first place, then your business needs to install firewalls. You can get these security tools both for hardware like routers as well as for operating systems.

You can configure the firewall to only let certain applications or devices access your network. You can also see who tried to get in so that you can detect potential attackers.

Intrusion Detection Software

While firewalls help block intruders, intrusion detection software offers more advanced methods of checking your network’s traffic and logging suspicious events. You can choose between systems that just monitor for intrusions along with those that actively defend against them too.

This cybersecurity software will spot patterns of concern and alert your administrator. You’ll also have access to comprehensive reports and often a dashboard that updates in real-time.

Use These Network Security Tools for Your Business

By using some of these network security tools, you can protect your business and be in a better position in case the worst does happen. But keep in mind that you can do even more.

If you don’t have IT staff who can thoroughly test your network or you just want a second opinion, consider hiring a security consultant. They can do a thorough assessment of your business and offer solutions to fill in any gaps.

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