3 Industries benefiting from enterprise resource planning software


Enterprise resource planning software (ERPS) is the most advanced form of automated, integrated business management. Its purpose is to manage major business processes, such as accounting or customer support, in real-time. A suite of integrated programs are used to create, manage, store and analyze business data. The following are 3 industries that make the best use of their enterprise resource planning software resources.


In the manufacturing industry, there are a series of steps that workers must follow exactly and accurately. Missing one step delays the production process and work output for weeks or months. During the manufacture of your products, use an ERP tool to track every process and procedure that is made along the way. When using manufacturing ERP solutions, you are providing a boost to your operations which you will not get if you go it alone. You want to run an efficient business that your employees, customers, and partners can rely on so you get people coming back time and time again. Ignoring this step will put your business in jeopardy, resulting in loss of work and a potential shut down.

This industry is always evolving, and it relies on technology a lot in this day and age, which is why when faced with a change, adaptability is key.


A large retail store involves the operating of multiple business processes, such as accounting, purchasing, inventory and sales. Implementing an ERPS tool is necessary when dealing with the daily complexities of running the various departments in one store. Retail store owners have to worry about everything from building security to customer complaints and employee payrolls. Most owners have the same matters to deal with, but there are special needs for specific types of businesses. For instance, retail furniture ERP software solutions are chosen for small to large furniture stores that have extensive inventory and purchasing duties. They need the ideal program based on the business’s size, level of customization and types of processes.


The healthcare industry is becoming more complex and requesting that its software solutions keep up with the fast-paced changes. Healthcare workers deal with vast amounts of information from patients, employees and visitors who come in every day. The types of providers who need ERP software the most are transcriptionists, insurance billers, medical coders, nurses, information managers, etc. They need automated tools to manage their patients’ records, review information about their physicians and nurses, update information about building repairs and maintenance, edit current data about medical supplies, etc. Without ERP software, the professionals at a clinic, hospital, doctor’s office or laboratory will have a harder time managing the endless amounts of healthcare data and information they face daily.

Enterprise resource planning software is an integrated computer software system that is needed everywhere from small businesses to major corporations. It helps you to manage various departments, from accounting to human resources, on a centralized database. Your ERP system is a streamlined inventory of business processes that is automated and error-free. The complex needs of your business are fulfilled when you invest in this software.