3 Challenges and 3 opportunities that await in the cleaning industry: What can you bring to the table?

cleaning industry

Every business has been affected by the current health crisis and the state of the economy, and this is especially true regarding the cleaning industry. Before COVID hit, not many people realized that cleanliness and safety go hand in hand. Since the pandemic, safety is a top concern and everyone knows that it starts with how clean the area is. This is both good and bad for those working in the cleaning industry. On one hand, new challenges have been presenting to the industry. On the other hand, is the opportunity for a business to grow with these new challenges and pull in profits by offering new and different cleaning services in addition to what they currently offer.

Air Quality is a New Challenge in Cleaning

In the past, thousands of people could be packed into a crowded mall and no one batted an eye. Now people avoid busy crowded areas at all costs, and they think about how clean the air is before they go into a place. Because of this new air quality and cleanliness concern, this adds a new challenge for the cleaning industry. With this new challenge comes a new service opportunity for cleaning companies, air quality, and air filtration services. Those who want to offer air cleaning services should get more information on starting their own cleaning business, as the business is booming in this field, and offers many new money-making opportunities.

The Cost to Clean Has Become Quite a Challenge

In the past, company owners didn’t have to put much thought into the cleaning supplies that they purchased for their company and for their employees to use. If the product was for cleaning, then it was good enough. Thanks to COVID, there are new guidelines and regulations on cleaning products. People now want certain cleaners proven to kill germs and viruses, such as those that spread the flu and COVID-19. While finding these products is a challenge on its own, there’s also the higher cost of these highly demanded cleaning products. Businesses are now spending more on cleaning supplies, which means that budgeting for cleaning supplies is now a new challenge for some. On the other hand, this is a new money-making opportunity for those that produce high-quality cleaning products.

Employee Safety is a New Concern and a Challenge

Before COVID, gloves were commonly worn by those working on cleaning crews but that was about it. Now that the pandemic has hit, employee safety has been a huge concern. Those on cleaning crews are the ones cleaning up after others and possibly being exposed repeatedly to germs and viruses. To meet this new challenge, employers are now providing employees with more than just gloves. It’s very common for cleaning crews to be fully decked out in personal protection equipment, known as PPE. These can be masks, gowns, face shields, shoe covers, and more. This new challenge has created a huge opportunity for those producing PPE, as these products are in high demand.

In conclusion, this year has added several new challenges for those working in the cleaning industry. With new challenges comes the opportunity for new profit opportunities. Thanks to these new challenges, cleaning companies can now offer customers different cleaning services that were not previously offered, meaning that there is new money-making opportunities as well.

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