10 Must Binge Netflix Shows for the Entrepreneur in You

Money Heist

With some free time in your hand, work from home and work for home may have gotten a little monotonous for all of you out there. What do we do then? Well, the answer is right at that red and black N icon on your phones and TVs, Netflix.

While there are several binge-worthy series that is a must-watch on Netflix, some of these are perfect to be watched for the Entrepreneur in you. So, whether you have a full-scale startup or are aspiring to become one, here are some shows which you definitely must watch in the next two weeks and even after that!

Workin Moms Netflix

Workin’ Moms: While it may be difficult for normal people to multitask, the super amazing workin’ moms can whip up breakfast, speak at a conference for two hours, and drop her kids to school, all in the first few hours of the day, without even batting an eyelid. If you are a working mum or your spouse is one, you must not miss this outstanding series where a few friends manage nailing at being a mom and acing at work. You’ll realize, it isn’t a cakewalk.

Breaking Bad Netflix

Breaking Bad: No, no. We aren’t asking you to cook up meth in your kitchen, but only Walter White can teach you how to turn lemons into lemonade or we can say chemistry teaching into drug lordship. The loving father ends up becoming a warlord, who is in a nutshell fearless. While the start-up idea may not be the best to take from here, you must learn how you can overcome all hindrances and challenges once you really want to get something.

Suits Netflix

Suits: Wanna win in style? Let Harvey Specter, the legend, teach you how to ace every time and never lose. If you still need some more tips, there is Mike Ross, who teaches you that a high-end degree is not everything and you can still win all corporate wars with your wit and street smartness. You get a glimpse of the real corporate controversies.

The Office

The Office: What’s cooler than watching a show in the office, also called The Office. If you’re in for some comic fun and love a good laugh in a corporate set up, this is it for you. If nothing, you will at least learn what you shouldn’t be doing at the workplace.

Mad Men Netflix

Mad Men: The advertising agencies of the sixties were a time where if you did have a proper tagline, you could market anything at all. Without the whole internet scene in a play, Mad Men shows you how an ad agency life is from the inside and you need to be really smart to survive in such an environment.

Dirty Money

Dirty Money: Right from cars that cheat emission tests to crippling payday loans, dirty money basically is a series that exposes the dirty side of corporate corruption as well as greed. There are a few scandals that you may have not even heard about.

Inside Bills Brain

Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates: Well, if you dream of becoming an entrepreneur, Bill Gates is someone you definitely need to look into. The show talks about the magnificent journey of Bill Gates into becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs and richest men alive. You will learn how Bill Gates has the never-ending drive to innovate.

Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul: if you’ve learned some tricks from Breaking Bad, it is time to switch to its prequel, Better Call Saul. The dark humor and the drug lord capabilities of Walter White will definitely take your breath away, again!!

Shark Tank

Shark Tank: If you are ambitious and looking to become an entrepreneur, Shark Tank is definitely a must-watch. It is a show where several ambitious entrepreneurs come up with ideas which they fully believe will have some profits. They try to make a case to a panel of investors, who are in one word, ruthless.

Money Heist

Money Heist: The Spanish Heist Drama which gained a lot of recognition is a must-watch. While you should not get ideas of a heist from the series, you could get great inspiration from The Professor, who was the brainchild of the heist. You’ll also see how focus and dedication turn into confusion and bloodshed, once things start going out of hand. However, we would like to warn you that no one can watch just one.



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