10 Good Jobs For Women – Expected Salary

Good Jobs For Women

Women are economically progressing day by day. And during this journey, economic freedom is the essential factor. You will progress, but unless you do not earn an excellent handsome amount of money at the end of your month. Then, you are never going to achieve your required freedom. And when you start to earn more money like your male counterparts, you will get the opportunity to contribute to your family like everybody else.

So how to earn a handsome salary like your male partner? First, you have to know which sectors are offering the best highest-paying jobs for women. And then enter that field.

10 Good Higher Salary Jobs For Women In 2022

In 2022 searching for the best paying jobs for women is not very tough to find. Many new sectors are opening and keep some set reserve for their female employees.

For you, here are the ten best paying jobs options for women.

1. IT Security Analyst

Are you a technical gig and fond of the latest technologies? Then this job profile is the perfect selection for you. Now IT security analyst jobs are offering some of the highest paying jobs in the market.

The primary job role is to protect your client’s networks from outside interruptions. Now big companies hire security analysts to protect their systems from malware and other hacker attacks. This is a responsible area where you can earn more than $75,000 annually.

2. Market Research Analyst

The market research analyst jobs are becoming very popular among new graduates as digital concepts enter the system. And brands are now starting to hire market research analysts for their business and to know the recent market trends.

You will have organized groups and strategies to get the information about your viewers. And what are you going to do with this data? Just develop the strategies for your future marketing. The field jobs are offering more than $60,000 in entry-level positions.

3. Physical Therapist

Physical therapist requirements are everywhere, from school to any other field. The therapist job requirements are high. At the same time, you are having a child or older people at your home. Now a single therapist is making more than $75,000 in a year.

You always require the extra hands to support you while dealing with sudden, painful situations. This is the reason professional physical therapist jobs are opening the options to earn a handsome amount of money.

4. Digital Marketing Strategist

You are sitting in front of the PC and staying online while earning a good amount of money. Now digital trends are opening many new earning options for women. You do not want to leave your house? And want to find an excellent job?

Then this digital marketing world is going to offer you multiple job options. And among this list, the digital marketing analysts’ jobs are pretty lovely and offer a higher salary to their employees.

5. Computer Systems Analysts

Computer system analysts are another great option that is opening many options to earn money. Again, this is one of the highest-paying jobs and suitable for women.

But if you like to explore this field, the bachelor’s degree in computer systems is going to open up more ways in front of you. But the computer system’s passionate persons also have the option to explore these new trendy career options, which can give you more than  $60,000 annually.

6. Health Services Managers

The health services sector is always opening many great opportunities for women. But to enter these health services, you will require some specific degree. So if you like to enter this field, you have first to pursue a health service degree, and you can earn more than $60,000 annually.

If you are already in this field for a long time, then your regular bachelor’s degrees are enough. On the basis of your experiences, you will get a salary hike. But this department is opening many good earning options for the new employees.

7. Game Designers

Coding and designs are no longer the men’s ruling areas. Now, this department is also becoming the best place where women also can start to explore. The remote working facility is the best advantage. You can search for remote jobs from the clicka jobs USA.

You can have good career potentials when you have a special skill set in coding and computer design. For example, a professional game designer can earn more than $80,000 annually.

8. Management Analysts

For women, 2022 brings up many career options, especially those linked with good analytical skills. If you already qualify for the difficult person test, that means you are already ready to jump in these career options and earn more than $60,000 in a year.

The management consultant’s an analyst’s responsibilities are to take care of the advertisements and increase the revenue. To enter in this field, your bachelor’s degree is enough. However, if you have a bachelor’s degree in business management, it will add more advantages over your career.

9. Computer Programmers

Want to write computer coding? This is a perfect career option for every computer science passionate person. Now only development is not going to limit your activity. Apart from the development, testing and designing are also an essential part of the professional career opportunity.

You will get a good option to earn more than $63,000 per year. Computer programming has different segments. You will get multiple career options in a single department. Like designing, the computer science study adds more advantages to your career goal.

10. Interior Designer

Home decorations no longer belong in regular household works. Instead, these jobs now belong in the list of the most prospective career options. Are you a passionate designer? And spending hours simply decorating the homes of your family members and friends?

It is not necessary you have to search for a job in interior design. You can simply start a business and start your projects to make your house beautiful and well organized. With this type of passion, beginner interior designers can easily make $46,000 on average.


All of these career options have good potential for growth in 2022. So which one are you going to select? The best flexibility is that all of these jobs have remote job opportunities. Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment sections.

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