10 gems of wisdom no one will tell you

Many of us are running a rat race that we don’t even understand. Agreed – everyone thrives to be successful and content with their lives, but the question is how the hell do we get there? No one wants to look back ten years from now and wish someone gave them valuable advice that would have made them successful. We hear you. Following are the 10 rules of wisdom that no one will give you but are of extreme importance. Here goes.

1. Never reveal 100% of anything to anyone

Never ever tell all the details of your plans to anyone. If you’ve a great idea to become a millionaire or start up your own company, don’t give out the entire plan. Reveal only, say, 70-80% of the plan. This will ensure your idea stays your own.

2. Nothing lasts forever

This one is self-explanatory. Whether its love, or success, good fortune, your looks or your great head of hair, nothing will last forever. So, it’s always better not to get attached to things that are temporary.

3. When in doubt, follow your gut

When nothing in the decision-making progress seems clear to you, always use your instincts. They were given to us for a reason. Follow your gut, it’ll save you more often than it’ll hurt you.

4. Never make a decision when you’re angry

A clear head is a must when taking an important decision of your life. When you’re angry it’s your raging hormones and boiling blood that will make the decision, and not your logic. So, learn to keep a check on your emotions.

5. If you don’t have anything smart to say, don’t say anything at all

This is given. Even if you have something to say, don’t say it, you’ll end up revealing more than you can bargain for. If you have to lie, keep it short and simple. Remember, a simple lie is always easier to defend than a complex truth.

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6. Always know how to distinguish between want and need

You want to be successful but you need to be a good man. You want a luxurious lifestyle but you need a happy life. You get the drift? Learn the difference between what you want and need, and the battle is half won.

7. Behind every great man is a great woman

Call it a cliché, but you need the stability of a great woman backing you up. After all they say being a family man completes you for a reason. A mediocre woman will always stop you from fulfilling in life.

8. Always under-promise and over-deliver

Over promise and under deliver is dangerous for your company, not to forget for your image. In order to do business, credibility is paramount. And that can only be achieved if you surpass everyone’s expectations and over deliver.

9. A man is nothing without his word

The only thing common in men from all walks of life is their word. Your word should never be broken. Always keep your promises because the moment you break it, you lose someone’s trust and that means losing the person consequently.

10. Forgive but never forget

Never. Especially if it’s a betrayal.

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