How to polish your personal statement to get your dream job

polish your personal statement c

So you are looking for a job. The employment market is full of opportunities, but there is one on the horizon that you never want to miss out on, like a good movie to watch online.

Now imagine that you have sent your resume, but 2 days, 4 days, a week passed by, and there is still no answer.

Does it sound familiar? The overwhelming majority have faced such a situation at least once.

The reason is simple. They either did not read your resume at all or did not take it seriously like many people do when it comes to custom writers.

On average, 250 candidates apply for one position, which means that there is a maximum of a couple of minutes for your resume to get noticed. After all, if companies interviewed each and everyone, then it would take 250 hours or 5 working weeks to find one person.

What you need to know about personal statement editing

If your personal statement is ready, make sure it does not require the editing company to provide editing service in the face of a professional college editor who would edit your personal statement the best way possible.

Look at the job description. How long did it take to write this down? It is not just an abstract from essays. The company expects that your efforts in filing an application will be at least equal to their efforts. We are all afraid to make a mistake and hire the wrong person to work with our papers. After all, adaptation and all kinds of training take a lot of time and effort of the rest of the employees, which will be completely depreciated if a new employee leaves in 2 weeks.

Therefore, the first contact in the form of a personal statement is incredibly revealing for any company. Respect your potential employer, invest enough time and effort in applying for the desired position.

Make your resume up to the position you want – list only relevant experience

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You do not need to mention all your responsibilities at your previous workplace like an essay about what you did. Only name what is really important for the position you are applying for, and constantly ask yourself “Is this the best way to describe my experience?”

To do this, carefully analyze the responsibilities of the desired position. If you did something from this list in your previous job, mention services you provided even if they were not your main responsibilities.

For example, if you want to get a job as an account manager, then you do not need to mention your experience in design, editing or proofreading.

Be sure to attach a cover letter

No one wants to waste time looking at the resume of someone who is too lazy to write a unique cover letter. It’s simple. Of course, far from everyone is a writer and has what it takes to be able to come up with one but is the service to help you.

If you don’t have the right experience for a position, then a cover letter is a great opportunity to show that you can be the perfect candidate. The same as in the situation if you are overqualified. The main thing is to describe your goals and plans for this position.

In fact, if you really consider yourself a perfect candidate, then you yourself know best what to write in this kind of assignment.

Brevity is the soul of wit

Your resume should not be longer than 1 page.

If you actually are an expert having an incredibly relevant experience that does not fit on one single page, then you can objectively evaluate what information needs to be saved and what is better to remove. But let’s be objective: 95% of us are not in this situation.

You should not write deliberately false information

Recruiters and managers looking at your resume have an eye for details and will immediately notice you trying to gloss over and outright lie on your resume.

Of course, this is also in your interest. If you have turned your back on your soul and mentioned “fluent English”, in case you are not a native speaker, it is possible that you will be interviewed in this language.

The “desired position” can and should be deleted

The company already knows which position you want to get into. Paying tribute to the standard of a resume of the last century, you are only wasting space on the sheet of paper.

An academic degree is not the most important thing

It is not so important whether you studied at some big state university or do not have a complete higher education. What really matters to an employer is that you’ve got hands-on experience on and off college that can be applied to your desired position, rather than spending 4 years on Netflix.

Apply only for those positions and companies where you really want to work

If you are confident that you will be really good at work in the desired position, then help the company make the right decision to hire you with relevant, illustrative and clear information about yourself and your experience as an expert.

This will save both your and the employer’s time while your document is going to look and sound just fine.