How to Find the Best Custom Rubber Stamp for the Job

Best Custom Rubber Stamp

Rubber stamps have been with us for more than 150 years now but the rubber stamp dates back to 1844. This does not mean that stamping never existed before. Many years back, stamping was done using brass stamps alongside wax. This was majorly done to seal private messages. Charles Goodyear is the man who made this great discovery of the rubber stamp after accidentally dropping some Sulphur and rubber on a stove. Just like that, the rubber stamp was born. In our day today, rubber stamps are widely used in offices and even at home just for fun. To learn more about the history of rubber stamps, visit history of rubber stamps. On this site, you will get quite interesting information on the history of rubber stamps. Rubber stamps have hundreds of uses in our day today. Custom rubber stamps can be made for you if you want something unique. Some of the uses of rubber stamps in our day today world are:

● decorating
● marking items as private and confidential
● branding your company
● make labels
● mark your things or possession
● used by children for fun

All these uses can come be accomplished with a custom rubber stamp, made to your liking and unique at the same time. Just click on this link for more info on a custom rubber stamp. Here, you think of an idea of your unique stamp and they will make it a reality. Rubber stamps are all about reliability and durability. If your rubber stamp serves you well any time of the day without hitches and for longer, then it is the best and can, therefore, be termed as reliable and durable. One would definitely be curious to know the different types of rubber stamps available. Below are the various types of rubber stamps available:


These are rubber stamps that are pre-loaded with ink and will with no doubt save you when it comes to time as you do not need to an ink pad. These stamps give a good quality image and if you are not looking to dog deep into your pockets, then this is the ideal stamp for you as it is quite affordable. It is refillable.


When it comes to durability and reliability, this here scores a 10/ 10. It provides crisp images which are of the best quality that you will find. Good thing is that it is refillable and lifetime guaranteed. This here will offer not less than 40,000 imprints without refilling.


These here are traditional stamps. For you to achieve stamping, the stamp needs to come in to contact with a separate rubber ink pad. The image quality of these stamps is not as vivid or rather clear as the above named. The ink on the pad may dry up if not stored under the right conditions. That is; away from direct sunlight and a cool dry place.

These are the three main stamps in the world of stamping.

It is important to note that stamps can as well be categorized according to the work they do. That being said, here are other types of stamps; wedding stamps, bank stamps, monogram stamps, date stamps, inspection stamps, art and logo stamps, and last but not least signature stamps. Learn more on these types of stamps by following this link, types of rubber stamps.

The above list is what we call custom stamps. To customize simply means to something of your own. Something that is only unique to you alone. That being said, rubber stamps can be personalized with; a logo, date, text or even signature which gives it a unique and classy appearance. These come in different shapes and sizes from round to rectangle, triangle, and even square. They are made to be durable and reliable all at the same time giving a lifetime service.

1. Monogram stamps

These are the kind of stamps that can be printed on to anything you can possibly think of from shorts to shirts, towels and even stationery.

2. Bank stamps

As the name says, bank stamps are simply stamps used in the bank to simply simplify bank tasks such as stamping of checks and other bank related documents.

3. Wedding stamps

Wedding stamps are popular and have for decades been used mostly for invitations and RSVP cards. Under this category, you will find other categories too. Wedding stamps can either be pre-designed for you or custom-designed for you. The quality is top notch; the only difference comes in the pricing. For the custom part, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets but it’s nothing you can’t afford.

4. Date stamps

This is simple and quite self-explanatory. For a person with a white-collar job, a date stamp is one office equipment that you ought not to lack. Date stamps help to know when certain tasks took place thus keeping you organized and eventually productive.

5. Art and logo stamps

Art and logo stamps are one of the fascinating custom-made stamps. They will include details such as the logo of your business, the street address or even art of your liking. This makes it unique and appealing to customers. These art and logo stamps come in two options; the pre-inked stamps and the self-inking stamps. For a new business that seeks to make a mark in the business world, this ought to be the route to follow.

For anyone who wishes to find the best custom rubber stamp, always consider companies that are reputed for producing reliable and durable custom rubber stamps as this is all you might need in a rubber stamp. Nonetheless, do not shy away from giving start-up companies a chance to make a custom rubber stamp. You never know what they might offer you. If you’re looking to have fun, promote your business or even be unique, then a custom rubber stamp is what you need as it may even go ahead to help you market your business. This is because it may contain the logo of your company, contact details. It will for sure help you build your brand. Custom rubber stamps are a cost-effective promotional tool that will help you take your business to the next level. Be unique and try out custom rubber stamps for your business.

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