Best Practices of Homepage Design for Small Businesses

Create a Useful Sitemap for Your Company Website

The way your website is designed affects both your digital marketing strategy and online presence. A well-designed website exudes expertise. Your website may increase client loyalty and help you generate repeat business by providing clear, consistent, and easy-to-find information. It acts as a central location where clients and potential clients can interact, connect, and discover more about the goods and services offered by your business. Keeping that in mind, let’s explore some best practices and pointers for creating a distinctive website for your startup or small business.

Best Practices of Homepage Design for Startups

  • Straightforward and tidy design

Make sure your website design is straightforward, regardless of whether you plan to use ready-to-use templates or unique designs. Since so many of you overthink branding, we believe this to be the most crucial website design advice. It’s true that you have to do something drastic, audacious, and different if that’s how you feel. But it doesn’t mean you have to make it excessively intricate and difficult to look at. You should retain your consumers’ attention on what you’re selling rather than a confusing image because they are too easily distracted. Maintaining clear, straightforward branding will greatly improve your website’s performance.

  • Make your content mobile-friendly.

We demand that you ensure your website is mobile-friendly, regardless of the products you sell or the kind of information you post. Currently, a sizable portion of the user base uses mobile devices, such as phones or tablets. And that’s something that businesses should never forget. Therefore, a website that isn’t responsive can drive visitors to your competitors, harm your search engine optimisation, and worse. If your website hasn’t been optimised yet, take our advice on website design and go to work.

  • High quality images

Genuine photographs have a remarkable ability to stimulate people’s creativity. A crisp, well-lit, and cheerful photo is a valuable asset for any website design guide. Genuine images that you’ve invested hearts into are essential for conversion is the aim of any graphic design services. This is due to the fact that consumers adore seeing a brand that is more relatable, intimate, and kind to them. Gaining people’s trust via your photographs might help you sell them anything from services to items.

  • Avoid stock photos

DigitilizeWeb have to be honest with you—this advice on website design won’t be your favourite. Without the hassle of organising a genuine photo session, stock photographs are constantly available and ready for usage. The biggest issue with these stocks, though, is that anybody may be able to obtain them, even your rivals. As a result, they lack creativity, genuine feeling, and the ability to build trust. Even if you’re only using pictures to communicate with your consumers, be genuine and true.

  • Include Alt tags

Not everyone would be aware of this to suggest it to you. However, we have enough experience in the digital space to understand the significance of alt tags. By using such tags, search engines’ algorithms will be able to determine the subject matter of your photos and may decide to display them when people perform searches.

  • Add public reviews

Brand consistency is created via website design. You need to have consistent branding across as many platforms as you can in order to increase brand recognition. A large portion of your business should begin with your website, which also serves as the foundation for your branding.

  • Not add CTA everywhere

Yes, we are aware that for a firm, conversion is crucial. But in order to get the desired conversion, do you really need to push it everywhere? Without a doubt, no! You will ultimately harm your own chances if you do this. Additionally, avoid placing calls to action at the top of your page. Develop and steer your users’ curiosity, and a well-designed call to action will perform far better. And here’s a secret for you: most conversions occur farther down the funnel rather than at the top.

  • Make consistent use of your branding

The website for your company is an extension of your brand, therefore it’s critical to maintain consistency in your branding across the board. This entails using the same visual components—such as logos, colours, and typefaces—to your website and offline marketing materials. By doing this, you may assist in developing a unified brand identity that will increase the recognition and recall of your small business. Maintaining a consistent brand will also assist in establishing credibility and trust with your target market.

The significance of Startup website design

An essential component of a profitable company’s marketing strategy is website design. Customers will usually go there to discover more about your business and to form their initial opinion of you.

  • The first impression is created by website design. Within the first few seconds of seeing your website, buyers will form an opinion about it based on its appearance and layout. Make every effort to make a good impression on them right away.
  • Customer service is reflected in the design of websites. Consumers will associate subpar website design with subpar customer service. You most likely won’t invest much effort into supporting your clients if you haven’t given your website design much consideration and attention.
  • Brand consistency is created via website design. You need to have consistent branding across as many platforms as you can in order to increase brand recognition. A large portion of your business should begin with your website, which also serves as the foundation for your branding.


In order to maximise the outcome, you should steer things in the direction you have intended to while designing a website. Additionally, visitors seek you out for solutions to all of their issues, so make sure you meet their needs. When you assist users in finding what they need, your websites have the potential to be much more than just attractive designs. As it has always been to us, DigitilizeWeb hopes that this website design advice is helpful to you as well!

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