5 Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies for Your Website

Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of raising your conversion rate and increasing the number of visitors who perform a desired action on your website.

The typical desired result that businesses wish to get out of a website visit is a sale of their product or service, and with the right conversion rate optimization strategies, many people see those results. Though your product or service may be displayed well on your website, it doesn’t always result in your desired outcome. Using a few key conversion rate optimization strategies can change that by anticipating your visitors’ needs and then meeting them.

Whether you work with a professional marketing company or wish to try conversion rate optimization on your own, it’s worth it. Implementing a few of these strategies may result in more success for your website and your business.

Here are a few conversion rate optimization strategies that you can use for your website.

1. Add a Search Bar to Your Website

Visitors will benefit from being able to navigate your website easily. Still, it can be difficult for visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for on their own. New visitors are typically unfamiliar with your site, and even with clear directions, they may miss what they’re looking for.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on making a sale because a visitor couldn’t find the product they need, and that’s why it’s so important to have a search bar on your website.

A search bar is a critical CRO strategy to implement on your website. Visitors can simply search for what they’re looking for without having to search high and low on your site. On top of being a useful tool for visitors, it can end up being an insightful tool for website owners. Data from site searches can help business owners better understand their audience’s behavior by seeing what they search for most often. With that information, you can make adjustments to your website to better suit the needs of your audience.

For instance, if there is one page or product that people are searching for often you can feature it on your homepage to make it more accessible. Putting it front and center makes it easier for your customers to buy.

2. Create Social Proof

People like to know that your business is trustworthy, but they need more than just your word. They want to know that your customers are happy with your products or services by hearing from them directly. This is called social proof, and it’s a great conversion rate optimization strategy to use on your website. If you already have some form of social proof on your website, you may want to consider adding more. As long as it’s not cluttering your website, it will only add to your credibility.

Social proof can be featured on your site in a variety of ways, one being through reviews. Positive reviews and ratings can give people confidence in your business because people typically leave reviews of their own free will.

Social media posts shared by others are another way to show social proof through your website. When visitors see that people are taking photos of your products and sharing them with their friends/followers, they will see from someone other than you that your product or service is trustworthy.

3. Add a Live Chat

When customers have questions, they want an answer right away. Every minute that they don’t have their answer, visitors have more reasons to hop to another site that can provide the answer and buy their product instead.

Your job is to make sure that you can get back to them as quickly as possible. Even if you have the most attentive email response track record, it still won’t measure up to the quickness of a live chat box. Having a live chat box helps you direct users to the products they’re looking for, answer common questions, troubleshoot common issues, share information, and more.

4. Check Your Site Speed

Site speed matters, though it’s still something that many website owners know nothing about. What happens when you browse the internet and a site takes a long time to load? The longer it takes, the more appealing it becomes to leave the site altogether, which would mean losing customers. Apply this idea to your site and look into how your site performs in terms of speed.

There are popular sites such as Pingdom and Pagespeed that can perform a speed test on your domain as well as give you technical measurements as to how well your site speed is performing and what steps to take to improve it. Though it may seem like your page speed is performing well enough, these insights can prove otherwise. Once you receive your score for website speed, you should then take the necessary actions to improve it.

5. Optimize Your Content

If your website is filled with content, but none of it is performing well, you may be wondering what the problem is. You could have all the answers to your visitors’ questions right on your website, but it isn’t helpful if people can’t find your website.

You’ve already done the hard work, but after a while, it’s good to go back into your content and give it an upgrade. To increase visibility, a good conversion rate optimization strategy is to optimize the content that’s already on your site.

There are a handful of things you can do to optimize your content. One action you can take is to go back in and check your keywords. Are you using the keyword that makes the most sense to your content, and is that keyword used throughout your work?

Your keyword should be once in your title and several times in the content itself. You should also check the length of your content. Is it too long or too short? Try to be concise, but make sure that your content is complete and gives readers as much information as you can without rambling. Improving your content can increase your SEO ranking, bring in more visitors, and improve your conversion rate.

Putting the right conversion rate optimization strategies into action can help increase customer sales. Not sure where to start? Speak with a digital marketing expert. Sometimes the best strategy starts with hiring the right professionals. Contact the team at InnoVision Marketing Group. They can help you develop your CRO strategy and implement it. Get started today.