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Companies join hands against COVID-19

Companies join hands in India’s fight against COVID-19

For battling against the oxygen shortage in the country, Delhivery, Tata Group, ITC, and several others are doing their best.
Delhivery to get oxygen compressors

Delhivery joins the COVID 19 fight, to get oxygen compressors via Charter Planes

Delhivery has joined the bandwagon and announced that they will fly charters in India with oxygen concentrators as well as other essential supplies.
Struggling Businesses

Struggling Businesses: This is how to turn things around

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken most businesses to the cleaners, literally. Although stay-at-home orders that were in place are being lifted, the vast majority of businesses are struggling to resume normal operations.
Startup survey in corona crisis

Startups facing biggest challenges, 70% have less than 3 months of cash runaway

NASSCOM Survey reported that 70% of travel and transport startups have faced 40% revenue decline, 50% of fintech and logistics startups have seen a similar dip whereas 14% of edtech and health tech startups expect revenue growth amid coronavirus crisis.
vedantu growth revenue

Vedantu sees growth revenue by 80 percent in April

Many businesses have gone down the line due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, but education section and sector seems to be blooming as the schools are shut for over 2 months now. The demand for online teaching is increasing day by day.
Amazon Food Delivery

Zomato and Swiggy face competition as Amazon enters Indian Food delivery market

Zomato and Swiggy occupy a majority share of the food delivery market in India and Amazon's entry in this space could be a massive challenge for them.
Mukesh Ambani Forbes billionaires list

Mukesh Ambani slips 12 spots on Forbes billionaires list

Ambani is no longer the tenth richest man in the world or even Asia’s richest man. He lost this title of Asia’s richest man to Alibaba founder and Chinese billionaire. Mukesh Ambani is now the world’s 21st richest person after slipping 12 spots from his previous rank in 2019. However, he continues to be the richest person in India.
lockdown2 revised guidelines

Services Allowed During Lockdown 2.0

Lockdown implemented to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus has been extended till May 3. The Ministry of Home Affair has issued detailed guidelines regarding services that'll remain operational and those not.
Face shields

Youngsters step up to make face shields

The novel coronavirus outbreak has opened a new market for face shields as protective gear for doctors, policemen, and other frontline workers and a bunch of 20-year-olds from Mumbai has taken the lead in designing and manufacturing them. Many 3D printing companies donate to public hospitals, police stations, other frontline workers.
Google new feature

कोरोना संकट और लॉक डाउन में Google का कमाल, ऐसे कर रहा है परेशान...

गूगल के इस नए फीचर का उद्देश्य कोरोना वायरस के चलते हुए लॉकडाउन से प्रभावित नागरिकों की मदद करना है। फिलहाल, यह अंग्रेजी भाषा में ही उपलब्ध है। हालांकि, इस पर काम चल रहा है, ताकि इसका इस्तेमाल हिंदी भाषा में भी किया जा सके।
Coronavirus News and Updates India

Death toll rises to 132, confirmed coronavirus cases reaches 4700 mark in India

India has reported over 4,700 COVID-19 cases and over 400 new cases in the last 24 hours. The total death toll now in India stands at 132.
impact of COVID-19 on Indian startups

COVID-19 impacting Indian startups both negatively and positively

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the Indian startup ecosystem is facing the brunt of this economic slowdown.
KlinicApp offers COVID-19 home tests

KlinicApp offers COVID-19 home tests

KlinicApp is now enabling home tests for COVID-19 in Mumbai. It is also planning to roll it out in Pune and Delhi in a week.
Ola to provide interest-free loans to drivers

Ola to provide interest-free loans to drivers in face of COVID-19 lockdown

Ola cabs has announced the introduction of a micro-credit initiative for its drivers, in a bid to lend financial aid in times of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.
online gaming industry

As people lock down due to COVID-19 outbreak, online gaming industry takes off in...

Currently, there are about 300 million online gamers in India and the number is expected to grow by 46% to 440 million in two years.
 Indian online retailers

Indian online retailers set to lose $1 billion amid COVID-19 lockdown

India’s largest E-retail platforms like Amazon and Flipkart have suffered an estimated loss of at least $1 billion in gross sales due to 21-day lockdown to control the novel Coronavirus.
Coronavirus origin

Scientists Develop Tool To Find If Covid-19 Outbreak Is Natural Or Manmade

Researchers have developed a tool that can assess if Coronavirus outbreak has naturally originated or not. 

MakeMyTrip’s Executives To Draw Zero Salary amid COVID-19

MakeMyTrip’s Group Executive Chairman and Group CEO announced that they would draw zero salary, and the rest of the company’s leadership team has offered to take a 50% pay-cut amid Coronavirus outbreak.
Paytm CEO vijay shankar sharma

कोरोना संकट के बीच पेटीएम ने किया बड़ा एलान, दवा बनाने के लिए देगी...

डिजिटल भुगतान से जुड़ी कंपनी पेटीएम (Paytm) ने एक बड़ा एलान किया है. पेटीएम ने कहा है कि वह कोरोना वायरस (Coronavirus) की दवा विकसित करने के लिए भारतीय शोधकर्ताओं को पांच करोड़ रुपये देगी, पेटीएम के संस्थापक और सीईओ विजय शेखर शर्मा ने रविवार को ट्वीट में यह बात कही।
Cosara Diagonostic

कोरोना वायरस (कोविड-19) का टेस्ट किट विकसित करने वाला पहला भारतीय लाइसेंस कंपनी बना...

CoSara ने 2014 में शुरू की गई 'मेक इन इंडिया' पहल के साथ खुद को संरेखित किया है। इसका लक्ष्य भारत को एक वैश्विक डिजाइन और विनिर्माण केंद्र में बदलना है।