9 ways to validate your startup ideas

validate your startup ideas c

The most effective ways to validate your startup ideas include conducting surveys and following up the feedback. You want to test the waters at this stage. Interacting with your target audience is a must. The good thing about surveying them is that they won’t hold back with their thoughts.

If they like something, they will say it right away. Otherwise, they could be blunt about their dislike. This will let you know exactly the common reactions of your sample group. From there, you can easily determine if your ideas are worth pushing through or not.

However, if they have better reactions this time, your idea could be worth giving a shot. When it comes to business ideas, you must not just trust yourself or your associates. Always listen to what people have to say. They are your target consumers. If they don’t like what you offer, there is nothing you can do to change their minds.

You must be open to suggestions. Don’t start anything unless you are totally certain that it will work. Once you have started the business and the reception is cold, it would be too late for you to do something about it. This could also mean losing a lot of money especially if you want to start over again.

It takes time polishing your ideas and making them better. Check out the infographic below for some other tips in validating startup ideas that you could also use. The goal is to see how people feel before spending your money.

validate your startup ideas c

This article was originally published in Growly.io