With its techie idea, this Indian startup offers to provide free wifi in 1000 temples of India

Free Wi-Fi is the dream of every youngster nowadays. The first thing that they do whenever they go out or check into a new restaurant or hotel, is to check about the Wi-Fi services provided by them. Banking on this enthusiasm about Wi-Fi, an Indian start-up has come up with a unique way to facilitate devotees to have ease of performing puja.

Pujashoppe.com offers complete solutions by offering access to religious festivals and pujas all across the country both online and its chain of religious stores keeping in mind the purity and utmost quality in every product and services we offer.

How the temple would be benefitted

  • Pujashoppe.com would design a web page specially for the temple and promote it through its popular portal and other media thus making it reach its global devotees.
  • The devotees visiting temple can log into the temple webpage free of cost while visiting the temple.
  • Devotees can also gather dynamic information about the temple as temple authorities would have complete access to the webpage.

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How one can use it

  • User will simply enable his mobile device in temples where they will see Pujashoppe free wi-fi signs.
  • Once it is connected to Pujashoppe Wi-Fi, He/she can open his web browser and search from any website which will redirect you to the login page.
  • User will just have to fill his required details (Name and mobile number) and submit, he would immediately receive a onetime password (OTP) on his smart phone. Once logged in he can use it to visit the temple webpage along with other websites of his choice. Maximum time for free use is 30 minutes.

The main objective of the proposed venture is to create a business out of a large market of puja related products and services, which has so far remained unorganized and try creating a brand. The venture is also aimed at facilitating devotees to have ease of performing puja.

Allegiance to religion has grown in the past few decades in India and worldwide and the market of puja materials and services have grown exponentially in the process. As per The Times of India the annual market of spiritual business in India is a US$ 15 Billion which translates to a whopping Rs. 1,90,000 Crore. The opportunity of this venture lies in the fact that the entire market is being catered by unorganised and small local operators.

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In order to achieve this goal a business idea has been conceptualized to offer these products and services online through a portal named PujaShoppe.com. The business is based on a simple idea that almost every Hindu wants to perform various pujas depending upon his allegiance and inclination; however many of them avoid doing for reasons such as lack of faith on the priests, their availability and expertise, lack of standardization and unscientific puja processes and poor quality of available puja materials in the market. Thus there exists a gap which can be addressed by creating a business to facilitate availability of premium quality of puja materials and allied services.

It has been observed in many a time that finding a priest with proper knowledge of the subject is a time consuming and rigorous task. Most often than not it is found that the priest may not be a trained one and does not have the requisite expertise. It has also been found that different priests do the same puja in different ways which means there are no standard protocols or practices that are followed. Thus there is a need of ‘standardization of puja processes’ and formulation of ‘best practices’ which would eventually give rise to a large market for a business. A corollary can be drawn from the fact that people prefer going to trained doctors rather than to quacks for their medical needs shelling out premium fees. Likewise the well informed devotees would prefer branded premium quality of puja materials and well trained priests with adequate expertise to unbranded poor quality products and untrained priests.

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Challenges faced by the team so far

  • Diversity: The same puja is performed in different ways and different puja materials are used in various parts of the country. Thus a detailed research has to be carried out to cover every part of the country and knowledgeable priests have to be put on roll.
  • Database creation: Collection of the database of the priests and validating the data will be a rigorous task.
  • Large no of products handling and its logistics management.
  • Sourcing of quality raw materials.
  • Promotion and marketing.
  • Creation of distribution channel

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Proposed products and services of PujaShoppe.com

  1. Premium quality puja materials with quality certifications
  2. Self Puja (Do it yourself puja kits which would also include complete stepwise puja process)
  3. Personalized puja planner
  4. Special puja for remedies of astrological malefic effects
  5. Priest services
  6. Divine gifts for every occasion
  7. Corporate puja/ HNI puja
  8. Puja management services / Turnkey puja: From pandal (tent) to idol to everything
  9. Online puja / Puja in absentia for NRIs using video streaming
  10. Remote pujas in famous temples of the country
  11. Overseas supply of priests
  12. Exports of puja materials
  13. Arranging of religious group tours

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Business Model

PujaShoppe.com follows a unique hybrid model where in a customer can buy products and services through online, telephone or just by walking in our stores to be located at vantage points all over the country.

Achievement so far

  • PujaShoppe.com in a span of just six months has become the most popular website with the national Alexa rating of 7500.
  • It’s has already opened more than 15 stores in states like Delhi, Haryana, Jharkhand, Karnataka, West Bengal and Chattisgarh.
  • The ‘Art of Living’ organization of Shri Shri Ravi Shankar has entered into a strategic alliance with the organization for cross branding and cross merchandising.
  • The company is opening its first overseas store in Dubai in April and has plans to open stores in Singapore, UK, Malyasia and USA.


Dr.Amushree, co-founder says, Pujashoppe.com has plans to establish as a global leader in the spiritual space.

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