What To Look For When Evaluating A Building For Your Church

Building For Your Church

Whether you are starting a new church or wanting to move an existing one to a new location, it is very important to select a building that will meet your needs now and in the years ahead. While it’s said a building itself does not make a church, choosing the wrong type of building to be your church’s location can cause unforeseen issues. When evaluating a building for possible use as a church, keep the following things in mind.

Building Layout

When you begin your building evaluation, start by examining its layout. Will it have ample room for the congregation, or will everyone instead be in cramped quarters? Also, does it have other areas large enough to be used for Sunday school classes, children’s activities, and other events? You need to make sure that if your congregation will be moving from one room to another room, there is enough space and flow from room to room. Make sure it has a sufficient number of doors for people to come and go. This is not only to ensure that coming and leaving will have minimal impact on the rest of the people in the congregation, this is also a safety aspect. In case of any emergency, you want to ensure that people can evacuate easily and also that it has a sufficient number of bathrooms so you don’t have to worry about long bathroom lines and uncomfortable church members.


Remember that when you are evaluating a building that may or may not become your church, it does not have to be absolutely perfect from the very beginning. In fact, many buildings can be easily modified by a commercial contractor and become excellent church locations. For example, if you have the perfect location but the rooms are too small, a contractor may be able to combine rooms for bigger space. Therefore, you may be able to find a location that can be modified to allow handicapped individuals easier access, allow expansion for a sanctuary, and be easier to have modern HVAC systems installed.

Parking Space

If there is one thing you do not want to do when selecting a building for your church, it is to choose one that does not have sufficient parking. If you do, you’ll experience any number of problems. Along with discouraging attendance, it may also lead to parking problems at nearby homes or businesses, which can result in disagreements or even having attendees ticketed by police. Rather than face these problems, know from the beginning how much parking space you need and also look around the grounds to see if there are vacant lots that could be converted into parking lots.


In real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. This holds true when you are choosing a building for your church. If the building you select is too far away from church members or in an area that is hard to access due to high traffic volume or other factors, you’ll have a problem. Therefore, choose a location that is as convenient as possible for you and everyone else.

By keeping these tips in mind during your building evaluation, you will come away with a building that will be perfect for your church.