Walls, Flooring, and Furniture: How Does Your New Business’s Industry Affect Its Design?


Before you even move into your new shop or office, it’s important to think about its first impression on visitors. As you know, first impressions are very important, whether you are dealing with a person or a place. Your new business must project what your customers expect in regards to its industry while also instilling a sense of confidence in your business.
For example, a mechanic’s shop should project an image of technical competence. On the other hand, a day spa must project an image of calm and relaxation. A garage designed to look relaxing or a spa designed to look technical or clinical can detract from the customer’s experience.

Wall Color

The color of your walls is perhaps the most important piece of the first impression puzzle, even though you might not think it makes that much of a difference. Your walls instantly create an ambiance throughout the space. White walls are fine for a mechanic’s shop or other businesses that need to project an impression of efficiency and diligence. Painting the trim and accessorizing it in red and black further bolsters the impression of mechanical competence.

However, spas, salons, and certain styles of restaurants could benefit from relaxing, soft cool shades of blue, green, and gray. Softer, natural colors create an environment that fosters relaxation and introspection.

Meanwhile, a more creative space, like a gallery, graphic design office, or tattoo parlor, can play with bright, energizing colors on the walls. Just beware of making the walls too overwhelming. Before you paint your walls, think about not only the impression you want to project but also how long you want your customers to linger.

You should also think about how the color will affect your employees. Plain walls can create feelings of lethargy. On the other hand, walls that are too bright or chaotic can create feelings of stress.

Commercial Flooring

First and foremost, commercial flooring needs to be sturdy and able to withstand a lot of traffic. You’ll have employees, clients, partners, suppliers, and other visitors using it every day. However, the flooring can also project an image.

For example, marble and granite flooring project an image of luxury and wealth. Hardwood flooring feels warm and welcoming. Finally, linoleum looks both efficient and modern, while also working well with retro decor.

You’ll also need to consider the amount and type of traffic your business can expect. For example, a mechanic’s shop will need commercial flooring that can take a lot of abuse, including oil spills and the weight of cars. But, a spa might need a floor that is both attractive and slip-proof. Finally, consider the type of care different types of floors need and whether you can maintain it.

Commercial Furniture

When it comes time to furnish your business, consider color, style, and cleaning. While plush chairs are comfortable and project an image of luxury, they can also be difficult to clean. The designer furniture store showcases a curated collection of elegant and contemporary pieces, emphasizing both functionality and artistic appeal.

Once again, color and texture can go a long way to project an image. Wood can be appropriate for a warm and relaxed environment. But, metal can project a modern and efficient image.

Remember, your business environment projects an image that reflects your competence. It can instill confidence in your customers, or turn them away. By choosing a design that fits your industry type, you can make things easier on yourself while also making customers more comfortable.

Over To You:

There can be many types of office styles that one can opt depending on the personal preference, like if you are looking for comfortable and home like office you can decorate it in a way to make it as comfortable as possible. If one gets distracted easily they should opt for minimalism design like Scandinavian or Nordic styled decoration for office.

hatever style you choose just make a little personal which reflects your personality.