Truejodi – How this startup solves the core problems in online matrimony

Are you inspired by the advertisement of a matrimonial site featuring Chetan Bhagat and his love story, but reluctant to create your profile on any of these matrimonial websites because you do not know how reliable they are? India is a country where marriages and matchmaking are taken very seriously and in a county where most of the people rely on the match to be arranged by their parents and family peeps, matrimonial sites have revolutionized these searches – both, for the bride & the groom.

Friends and family who used matrimonial sites to seek matrimonial alliances often cribbed about fake profiles and frauds on these sites. Having seen this happen with close family and friends, Ravi Mittal thought that no matrimonial site was looking at authenticating profiles. This led him to build Truejodi – a reliable place to find a 100% verified match.

Truejodi is an online matrimonial site that aims to solve a very important problem in online matchmaking – eliminating “fraud” profiles and getting in genuine people who are looking out for matches based on their requirements. This startup understands that the matrimonial club has two major issues:

  • There are hordes of singles looking for matches online, but are often cheated by fake profiles due to lack of verifications.
  • People seeking matches are often scared to ask about their match’s education, age, income, medical records and have to rely on the vocal commitments without any facts

Understanding these two major problems that force people to avoid using the internet to find matches, Truejodi is trying to solve this twin problem of removing fakes and bringing in transparency to matchmaking with a 9 step verification process and zero-tolerance towards frauds. Users are awarded trust ratings based on the information they verify. This helps others take a better call on their match. Once a user signs up, the next step is an elaborate 9 step verification process where users have to submit their photo ID proof, education, income, address proof, Facebook and mobile number and even undergo medical test before they can enter to find a match. There is an entry barrier for users who do not verify themselves.

Truejodi office and team

Truejodi is a team of 15 passionate people comprising of web developers, app developers, digital marketers, social media specialists, graphic designers, UI/UX designers, moderators and more.

This startup sprang into action in November 2015 and in just 3 months has managed to gather a user base of 4000+ users. Out of these 70% are female users. They expect to cross 300,000 users by end of 2016 and help people find true life partners.

Kudos to the entire team in coming up with such a trusted source for taking the most important decisions of our lives – choosing a life partner.

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This article was originally published in Start-up Hyderabad

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