Top 5 Services a Business Should Offer

Starting a Small Business

No matter what size or type of business you have, you have to guarantee certain services to the public. Every service varies with different companies. You may hire agents to answer questions over the phone or install kiosks to take orders electronically. Either or, there are five recommended services that a business should consider offering.

Emergency Assistance

Emergency 24-hour services can be provided by all types of businesses, and not just healthcare or plumbing. Many large companies have stores that are open at all hours, and they provide 24/7 customer support. This open availability option is recommended for large companies that have endless lines of customers.


Nearly any business can provide some type of consulting service. A clothing company can provide style consultants to help buyers choose the right size based on their body type. This is helpful to companies that experience high rates of product returns and exchanges. Providing experienced consultants helps to establish your company as knowledgeable and highly informed of the latest industry trends.


A business that sells online products should provide a variety of shipping services. Many online shoppers complain about companies that do not provide expedited or one-day shipping. Global shoppers may complain about not being able to receive products in their countries. For residential businesses, there is the option to provide a mail forwarding service to assist with moving.


Modern shoppers expect the fastest speeds and the highest levels of convenience. Most people are going online to shop and research different product costs and features. Millions of local and national businesses are providing delivery services. Hiring a single delivery vehicle and driver can increase a business’s sales and profits by 10% or more.

Loyalty Programs

Business owners should provide special services in the form of loyalty programs to their customers. Long-term customers are rewarded for showing their commitment to buying from a particular company and referring their products to other people. Referral programs reward customers for every referral they make. Every loyalty program helps a company to remain interesting, relevant, and competitive. This is especially important when there are newer, bigger competitors on the market.

In Conclusion

All businesses in the U.S. have to meet certain expectations. To remain competitive and efficient, there are a number of services that every business must provide to all customers. In addition to standard products and services, there are unique services that are expected to guarantee your ongoing success.