This online startup provides calorie counted delicious gourmet meals at your doorstep

The Gourmet Jar

This saying holds true in context of everyone who is in a continuous pursuit for good food. However, in the pursuit of a good meal, many people go astray and fall in the trap of unhealthy eating habits. Well! one startup that took this seriously and decided to work towards this is Eatonomist., a gourmet meal planner and one of the pioneers in the field of online restaurants, stands for delicious, health and honesty. Eatonomist is an online food start up providing delicious and calorie counted gourmet meals at your doorstep. It has an extremely easy to use website, where one can order a calorie counted tasty & healthy meal from a wide range of national and international menu.

Based out of Gurgaon Eatonomist was founded in the year 2014 by Anisha Dhar and Nupur Khanna. Anisha is the co-founder of and is responsible for New Business development, Marketing and Sourcing. With Eatonomist, her passion for food and innovation has led to a new and challenging opportunity which will change the way people think of health as a way of life. With over 7 years of work experience, she realized that it is ‘food’ that she is really passionate about.

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In November 2014, Anisha and her friend Nupur Khanna started their own venture Eatonomist. She has extensive management consulting experience in strategy formulation, market entry and client management. Later went on to work with Ernst & Young Pvt. Ltd. as a senior associate and thereafter PwC Consulting and KPMG as an Assistant Manager in both the organisations.

Nupur Khanna is the co-founder of Eatonomist and is responsible for financing, budgeting, human resource development etc. Having worked as management consultant, she is a business major with diverse background. She went to convent school in Delhi, graduated from IILM and mastered in MBA from Rochester University USA. Post MBA she started working with EY (Ernst & Young) as a Management Consultant with Financial Advisory Team. She has also gained profound knowledge on food safety, quality, storage, preservation, packaging, processing and distribution.

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Meals from Eatonomist do not include any preservatives; it works on ‘kitchen-in-cloud’ business model which does not have a physical store. The menu is limited and orders are taken online and delivered from a centralised or distributed kitchen network. Freshly made sauces help in walking the fine line between healthy and tasty. The gourmet meals and subs from Eatonomist come in easy to use, food grade; served in excellent eat-in packaging, which is also microwavable. Eatonomist wants to ensure that all the people leading super hectic lives should leave their one biggest worry, food, to them. Operational 7 days a week, it offers a static and daily changing menu.You can back and relax, your order will reach you in 45-60 minutes depending on the location of your presence.

Eatonomist is currently looking for market space to open kiosks in high footfall areas. These kiosks will serve as small boutique stores where customers can come and pick up their meals for the day. The kiosks will have heating devices and the food will be prepared in a centralized kitchen. With this model they plan to expand to Delhi and Noida and then later to other cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Calcutta etc.

Eatonomist has plans of extending its product offerings to educational institutions, airlines, gyms etc. catering to the health need of customers span industries. They are looking into launching breakfast, snacks and dinner services, ensuring that whenever a customer thinks food, he/she thinks Eatonomist. Eatonomist hopes to close the loop with the customer taking care of both primary and secondary needs. In the years to come, Eatonomist will offer complete health and dietary solutions to the customer.