These angel investors could help you make your idea bigger

Setting up your own venture requires capital and Venture Capitalists are not always supportive or appreciative of your idea which is why you can approach angel investors in India. We have got you a list of the most popular and sought after angel investors in the country.

Here are a few angel investors who might be interested in financing your idea:

Rajan Anandan

Rajan Anandan is the managing director of Google India and has been financing projects since 2006. He invests mostly in projects which are e-commerce or cloud-based.

Sanjay Mehta

He is a very active member of the popular angel investment groups like India Angel Network, Mumbai Angels and Venture Nursery. Till now, he has invested in almost 50 start-ups which mostly deal with big data and consumer services.

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Zishaan Hayath

He started his series of angel investments with Ola, a cab-booking service. He also founded the Powai Lake Ventures and has funded more than 30 ventures till now.

Sunil Kalra

He is the founding member of University of Petroleum and Energy Sciences, Dehradun and an active member of India Angel Network. His affair with funding start-ups began way back in 2002 and he has financed more than 50 ventures till now.

TV Mohandas Pal

The ex CFO of Infosys is currently an active angel investor who has made almost 40 investments in ideas so far. He is also the chairman of Manipal Global Services which manages the Manipal campuses in Malaysia, Dubai and Nepal.

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Rehan Khan

He is the founder of Orios Venture Partners which is an investment agency and has made over 20 investments so far. The areas Khan makes most investments in are mobile technology and e-commerce.

Sharad Sharma

He was formerly heading the R&D sector of Yahoo India and founded the think tank called iSPIRIT. He makes his investments if he thinks an idea is attractive enough to capture the software industry.

We hope this makes your process of finding an angel investor easier!

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