The Zab Twins: From Corporate Jobs to Amazon Experts

The Zab Twins

As entrepreneurship has become more popular than ever to the millennial generation, there has been a wave of young individuals quitting their corporate jobs and pursuing their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs. When Brian and Arek Zabierek had this realization, they utilized the skill sets and capital that their corporate job gave them and decided to not only create their own start-up but to share their knowledge with other young aspiring entrepreneurs.

After a year and a half in the corporate world, the Zabierek brothers left their undemanding 9-5 jobs and were running a successful start-up through the Amazon FBA model, generating over $1 million dollars in sales. Recognizing the opportunity for young entrepreneurs to capitalize their business through Amazon FBA, they decided to launch their second business venture, “The Zab Twins” and found themselves coaching over 200 entrepreneurs in how to launch their products through Amazon with the mission of inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs and guiding them through their journeys.

While offering services such as Implementation & Automation, Group and One on One Coaching, a 12-week intensive boot camp and more, The Zab Twins took the feedback from their students and decided to launch a new program, “The FBA Start-Up.” This new program will be a revamp of the previous 12-week program, built to keep the students more engaged while giving them more flexibility.

When getting into the Amazon FBA space, The Zab Twins recognized they were falling into “information overload” due to the amount of content they were consuming. In order to prevent other entrepreneurs from experiencing this, The Zab Twins have limited the amount of content their students will consume at once while implementing an interactive component to the program to ensure students are retaining the information most important to their success. In addition, they spend time with their students in core components of the business building process to ensure that they gain the confidence they need to build a sustainable business and skillset.

The Zab Twins have taken their years of knowledge and experience to create a program for entrepreneurs that holds them accountable, while also creating a community of support. Allowing students to access The Zab Twins team of mentors, entrepreneurs can also seek knowledge and support from other successful business owners in hopes of giving confidence to new sellers.

The Zab Twins recognize the opportunities available to aspiring entrepreneurs and hope to motivate, teach and support individuals in reaching their full potential in the business world. To hear more from The Zab Twins, you can also listen to their podcast “The Young Start Up” on Apple and Spotify for more information on entrepreneurship and Amazon FBA.