The new startup mantra: “learn, try, fail, and repeat”

“Change is the only constant” is repeatedly taught to us as children and this stands true for one’s professional life as well. We are often caught in a world of possibilities where there are a million options to explore. So, while one is unsatisfied with the current positioning in life and wants to jump from one level to another, the most sensible thing to do is have an extended period of deep learning.

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Earlier, even to switch from one thing to the other, people preferred learning the tricks and dos and don’ts while trying to master the craft. They underwent periods of intense study which was known as an “apprenticeship”. However, people now have realised the worth of practical application and hands-on which are the two times when a person can actually master the craft. Through trial and error methods, one can learn everything there is to.
For instance, a journalist learns about beats and stringers during his job. The practicalities and presence of mind cannot be taught in theory.

This system of trial and error consists of four major steps:
– learn
– try
– fail
– repeat

This method cannot be taught to an individual theoretically. One has to actually go out and do what s/he likes to. By no means, will it be easy in the beginning. Even after one tries really hard, one is likely to fail. This shouldn’t deter an individual from trying again and again. In fact, to achieve success, one has to encounter failure because of the invaluable results it holds. A true understanding of any task can come only from practical application. Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of the light bulb failed over 1000 times before actually inventing the bulb. He claims that whilst most people would look at it as over 900 failures, he sees it as learning 900 ways a light bulb could never work. Two things everyone can learn from Edison are to keep trying and seek the positive points and to never give up.

We need to understand that successful people do not achieve everything overnight. There is a lot of hard work and determination that goes into such achievements. This mantra can be applied to entrepreneurs as well. If you think you have a brilliant and completely innovative idea, instead of closeting it, you should be embracing it and trying to make it work. The process of the idea materialising into a successful product or service will be challenging from looking for VCs to marketing but the end result will definitely be satisfying.

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If one never tries, the regret will linger on forever as your idea could have been the one which changed the world. What if Ford never tried out his concept of assembly line? What if Steve Jobs never created Apple? What if Bill Gates decided to keep his Microsoft idea to himself?

The leaps that great entrepreneurs took are what led them to success. Similarly, you need to believe in your idea and yourself to make it work. Going out there and actually trying to change the world is what will count after you achieve success. If it doesn’t work, you can try again; if you don’t want to, you can always draw life lessons from it. You should always keep in mind “One who never tries has already failed”.

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