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How to Coordinate Between At-Home and In-Office Workers

With the right tools in place, at home and in-office workers can work together seamlessly. Here are some of the best methods for making this happen.
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5 Reasons Why Working From Home Is the New Golden Standard

There are many reasons to work from home. If possible, take advantage of these perks and enjoy a better work/life balance.
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7 Effective tips for maintaining work-life balance while WFH

Here are the top ways to transform your work from home schedule into a relaxing and productive one.
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How to prepare yourself to work from home

Working from home is not the same as working from an office. Making this transition is often challenging, but taking these three steps can prepare you to make the change.
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Startup leaders choose to go to office first before asking others to come

To instill confidence among workforces about health safety, team leaders and managers of India's top startups including Flipkart, Paytm, Udaan and Zomato, have decided to go at work first before asking colleagues to come. many firms still have asked their employees to continue work from home for those functions which may not need at-work presence.
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COVID-19 Crisis: Following Twitter and Facebook, Shopify opts for permanent work from home

The current situation is not in the favourable terms, so many corporates are settling upon permanent Work from Home. Recently, an announcement was made by microblogging platform, Twitter, stated that it will allow employees work from home permanently. With this, social media platform Facebook and Canadian e-commerce website Shopify have also chosen permanent work from home for their employees.
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Benefits you need to know about work from home

What is it that makes working from home so great?