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Forbes India celebrity list

Virat Kohli, Akshay, Salman Khan top Forbes India’s 2019 Celebrity 100 list

The magazine has published its list of Celebrity 100 for the year 2019 which has been topped by Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli with the earning of Rs 252.72 crore
Indian cricketers who are giving entrepreneurship goals c

5 Indian cricketers who are giving entrepreneurship goals

Players these days also keep themselves updated with whats happening in the corporate world and some are doing well with their own entities.

Anjana Reddy goes all WROGN with Virat Kohli to pocket Rs 100 crore

Anjana Reddy, Founder of Universal Sportsbiz Pvt Ltd (USPL), which owns the brands Collectabillia, Imara and Wrogn is not your usual girl.

Virat Kohli motivational quotes that are true for entrepreneurs


10 Lessons every entrepreneur and startup should learn from Virat Kohli

How could Virat Kohli is linked to startups or entrepreneurship? Well, there are a handful of things which entrepreneurs and startups could definitely learn from him.