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tackle your business fears

5 ways to tackle your business fears

It’s our nature as entrepreneurs to have a constant fear, which can be overcome only with personal conviction. To vanquish these fears and devise an appropriate course of action, we must trust our instincts.
Signs Your Startup Is Ready To Scale

4 Signs Your Startup Is Ready To Scale

You’ve done the work and got through the starting stages of your business. These signs will tell you if your startup is ready for significant changes now.
Start-Up Business

The 9-Step Guide To A Winning Start-Up Business

To streamline your process of building a business from scratch, here are effective steps that you can take up in order to get your business growing positively.
Office Building for Your Small Startup Business

Reasons to Have an Office Building for Your Small Startup Business

You shouldn't run immediately away from the idea of having an office building for your small startup business.
4 Things You Will Need as You Start Your Own Business

Give Your Startup a Running Start: Best Tips for Building a New Business

Building a new startup from scratch can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never started a business before.
inspiring quotes from animated movies c

21 inspiring quotes from animated movies for budding entrepreneurs, startups and everyone

Here is a list of 21 inspiring quotes from animated movies for budding entrepreneurs and startups, which are in fact applicable to anyone.
business plan

Five critical questions your business plan should answer

Ask not what you can do for your business plan. Ask instead what your business plan can do for you.
Reasons why entrepreneurship is awesome

10 Reasons why entrepreneurship is awesome

There are endless reasons for why entrepreneurship is great. Here are ten simple but powerful reasons, in no particular order, why entrepreneurship is so awesome
MS Dhoni

16 Leadership lessons from MS Dhoni for startups, entrepreneurs and managers

Dhoni's leadership style offers invaluable lessons to managers/entrepreneurs at all levels. Here’s why.
cybersecurity considerations all businesses need to think about

Top cyber security threats facing start-ups in 2020 and how to protect your business

In fact, start-ups and SMBs remain the silent majority when it comes to cyberattacks. About 43 percent of all cyberattacks target start-ups and small businesses.
creating a budget for your startup business

4 Tips for creating a budget for your startup business

We've outlined some of the top tips from financial experts and business owners to help you effectively budget your business.
3d virtual fashion show

Startup Bigthinx becomes first to step into 3D virtual fashion

Bigthinx is in partnership with fashion innovation that will live stream the first fully digital 3D virtual fashion show (inclusive of digitalized models of humans) this Friday as the Covid-19 pandemic has forced the fashion industry to go online. The aspect is that everything is 'virtual' including the models and clothes.
work from home

Startup leaders choose to go to office first before asking others to come

To instill confidence among workforces about health safety, team leaders and managers of India's top startups including Flipkart, Paytm, Udaan and Zomato, have decided to go at work first before asking colleagues to come. many firms still have asked their employees to continue work from home for those functions which may not need at-work presence.
Follow these simple steps amidst COVID-19 (2)

Exclusive for Retailers: Follow these simple steps amidst COVID-19

The current situation has led us into an unexpected world. On one side, Government and Medical Organisations are working on the damages and controls, other side people are adjusting to the new normal either by staying at home, working from home, and maintaining social distancing.
Farmpal Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Farmer’s friend, Farmpal takes the agri sector to a new level

Right now, India is facing mass departure of the migrant labourers coming from other cities after being laid off due to the ongoing crises. Hundreds and thousands of the migrated workers who came from villages to India's megacities are left with no choice except to walk back home as the buses and trains have been suspended.
AP solar works Startup

From 70k initial investment to 3.5 crore presently, AP Solar Works works wonders

AP Solar Works, founded in 2016, by Akshay Gupta and Pankaj Yadav, provides cost effective solar solutions to make people self dependent for their power usage. It allows people to produce their own electricity after the installation of solar panels.
Poptailor Founder story

Story of Hari Mishra, Ankit Rajput, founders of Rs. 20 cr company who ate...

No matter how many times you fail, if you never stop chasing your dream, you will achieve what you always wanted. I hope this inspirational startup story of Hari Mishra and Ankit Rajput will definitely help you to achieve your startup dream.
OxyGarden purify indoor air

Cleantech startup ‘OxyGarden’ is making sanitisers to purify indoor air

It removes viruses, bacteria, dust particles, and harmful chemical pollutants like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzene, etc., in an enclosed space. It also produces 700 litres of oxygen per day, reduces carbon emissions, and maintains an optimum level (40 percent to 60 percent RH) of Indoor Air Quality.
vedantu funding

Beijing-based Legend Capital invests $10 Mn in India’s top Edutech company Vedantu

Edutech companies in India are gaining lot and lot of popularity these days and such companies has seen an unprecedented growth in the recent days.The organization is run by four friends from Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) – Vamsi Krishna (Co-Founder, CEO), Pulkit Jain (Co-Founder, Head Product), Saurabh Saxena (Co-Founder, Head Academics) and Anand Prakash (Co-Founder).
customer interactions

4 Ways startups can professionalize their customer interactions

Fortunately, there are steps a business can take to improve their professional touch when it comes to customer interactions.