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story of Ramesh Babu

Read the story of Ramesh Babu, a billionaire barber from Bangalore who drives a...

The story of this ordinary businessman with extraordinary wealth will leave you gaping in surprise.

Bollywood celebs turning investors in digital startups

This is the age of online start-ups and crowd-funding, with youngsters all over the country coming up with innovative business ideas in tune with...

While on a hunt for a co-working space in India, this entrepreneur ended up...

When Shesh Rao Paplikar was hunting for office-space for a New York startup , where he worked as the chief technology officer, he sensed the need of a proper, functioning co-working space in India.

‘Why trash it, when you can cash it’, say these engineering students from Dehradun

Indians are known for their keen business sense, and for making money even out of small things. Mohneesh and his friend Ashish, both Computer Science students at DIT started a portal that helps people sell their scrap without waiting for the dealer
Latur-based e-commerce entrepreneur

This Latur-based e-commerce entrepreneur wants to prove that small cities can produce big businesses

Entrepreneurship is tough enough, but imagine starting up in a small town with none of the ‘ecosystem support’ that a big-city entrepreneur takes for granted.

Bootstrapped and profitable, this Kota-based edtech startup is set to achieve 28cr turnover

Started with only four employees and 700 students, this Kota-based firm today has 220 employees and 6,465 students on board.