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Business Services

5 Critical Business Services That You Should Outsource

If you are planning a start-up in 2023, here are some essential business services that you should outsource to a local provider.
Movies for entrepreneurs

20 Must watch movies for all aspiring entrepreneurs

Movies are a great way to learn from others as stories, fiction, and non-fiction, are taught to the viewer in an easy-to-understand way.
lessons from successful entrepreneurs

8 Things entrepreneurial people do differently

There are aspects of the entrepreneurial mindset that will enrich your work and life. Here are 8 things entrepreneurial people do differently.
Story Of Gaurav Rana

Story Of Gaurav Rana, From Collecting Cow Dung To Building A Rs 11 Crore...

At just 24, he has made his name in the start-up world and comes across as a charismatic young entrepreneur.

Five keys that every investor looks for in a start-up

Here are a handful of the things that most investors look for in promising startups. Which do you find most valuable, and which do you believe are irrelevant?

10 Things entrepreneurs must avoid while starting their ventures in India

With the launch of ‘Start Up India, Stand Up India’ initiative this weekend, many would-be entrepreneurs who were earlier waiting in the wings will be more willing to take the entrepreneurial leap and start their own ventures.

22 Secrets to discovering your dream and living it

One of the most important rules of happiness in life is to do what you love. But discovering that dream job and what you are meant to do in life isn’t always so easy.